"The Legend of the Rent"

I want to post something different this time.

Let me share to you one of the funny—for me—scenes, and one of my favorite scenes in School of Rock, one of my favorite movies in the present.

You can really see here how Jack Black acts like a rocker.

I can see the imagery he's telling with those figurative phrases (e.g.:"beam of light"), and those sounds of instrument he's mimicking—"wew-bem-bem-bem-bem-bem-bem-bem..." + "sh-g-dig-g-dig-g-did-g-dig".

He does sing his "sample" like classic rockers do. Combined with his dance and stances, I do find the scene funny. Yet, I like it.

How about you, dear reader? Have you watched the movie? Do you like it as well? Tell me, if you may: @adrianconoza, or on Google+, or at adrianconoza@gmail.com.

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