Hustle and Bustle(1 of 2)

How 1st semester turned out?


'Semester' is more applicable in college, but as a high school student, 'semestral break' rings as a sign of relief and repose after the hustle and bustle of first and second quarters. It always turns out, though, to be a one-week holiday when it could have been two weeks, because the suspension of classes during the devastating monsoons takes those days away. More suspension equates to less sembreak.

I should be thankful, anyway. It's good enough to rest and relax for a week before we, science high school students, ignite our engines and start functioning again. Another thing, the fear and anticipation for another week will be relieved for at least one Sunday. And we can take longer rests at last, although it still depends on the person.

As I take the time to both work and play this sembreak, I also reminisce the past two quarters. We've just started on third quarter, and I think it's now time for me to improve in the last two parts of my final year in high school.


As long as I can remember, first quarter went well. After so much hardship and stress that I've been through last school year, I had a restart.

Fourth year is not much easy, but every piece of hard work, every exertion of effort helps me get through. Though I fail sometimes, I still do my best to do better. Every end of the week is a victory, and a preparation for the next.

Of course, there is still play behind the work. I've met and got close to new classmates, most of them I get to know more. There were laughs, talks, and teamwork.


Throughout the first quarter, there were still times where I have to stay late at night just to get things done. As always, there's the work in TLE, where we now work on our own houses(more about that later).

At some nights I'll deal with our research study. That was really the time where I really worked overnight, while listening to either Jam 88.3 or Absolute 80s. As a student in a high school like ours, it's often normal to work overnight, unless you really want to use your time efficiently and not starve yourself of sleep, unless you're quicker than I am.

All I've been through at "first stage" lead me to a grade of 88.78, which is good enough for me. Besides, we're just starting. With that I've ranked near the 3 topnotchers. Aren't those blessings? They are.


Then, I reached to the point that I'm really facing the music. 2nd quarter brought more and more work and opportunities. The weight that I carry increased. The battle became more challenging. Each day of class I push myself to wake up before 5 a.m., and then strive to get things finished throughout the day. Like in first quarter, I stayed awake in the early mornings, and I even sacrificed sleep one morning(actually, for many nights this school year I've already sacrificed sleep).

That morning was when I have to finish a project in TLE. I've mentioned earlier that we're working on our houses. So, my project was blueprints which consist of plans, elevations and details, from doors to beam. That was the time when some of us in the class were already done with those, and many of us are catching up. That was the time when I realized a lesson I have to learn again and again—the value of time.

The realization came while I did those blueprints and listened to 98.7 DZFE, the classical music station. I heard something like an infomercial about time itself and how it relates to a student, to an editor, to an athlete, etc. The message is simply this: value your time, it's only borrowed.


I also found out that we're ignoring Research, and so I now pray that we won't miss time and opportunities to have a successful study. It's one of the tickets to high school victory.

It also alarmed me that I'm still losing some momentum to achieve high, or simply passing scores on exams. I failed in Research, I failed in Math(but still passing on the final grade), but got a high score in Physics, which I really didn't expect. I just hope that I've received passing grades in 2nd quarter, and pray that I'll do better in 3rd and 4th.

I don't want to do the same things again. I hope for a better time management. It's vital for me, and for everyone too. I'm looking forward to well-spent productivity this time, but how if something else just come around and may get me out of balance?

To be continued


  1. This entry was very relate-able. I was expecting you to have an entry this semestral break; thus, my expectations were right!


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