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Writing is a growing and ongoing process. I've been committed to writing for almost 3 years, cultivating the craft through papers and Webpages whenever time permits. I have grown better and learned further as I write. Yet, there is still more to know and learn. There's more room for improvement, as in more more rooms. It's a realization for me: I have a lot to learn.

Though I'm flattered whenever I'm complimented, I still know in myself that I have more to learn. I see errors in my posts here when I just started blogging, which I care not to erase to preserve originality, and maybe see to it that so far I have grown.

Thus, I have to practice more often. How will the craft be honed if there's no output to work on? No wonder I'm writing this piece.

I have to learn a lot not only in grammar and structure, but I also have to learn a lot outside the writing thing itself. I have to improve on my productivity and beat procrastination. I have to practice getting my muscles moving to move the pen on paper, scribbling my thoughts. I also have to cultivate my mind, keeping the flame of creativity burning, and in turn bringing out the creative juices. And with that, I have to learn to deal with different things that go around writing: writer's block, failure, being different—those kinds of things.

Which brings me to this point: as much as writing is a process, it is a struggle. I found it hard to write in the past days. Writer's block—that's the word. Let's also include the hazy weather and the not-so-spacious rooms. It's now a longing: that someday I will have a very spacious, air-conditioned room where I can concentrate and write, maybe while classical music is on the background.

It's not easy, I now realize; but I have to go on. The failures, the weariness, the struggles—they are all a part of the process. Yet, these are opportunities to grow. They can open doors where good things await inside.

I still have a lot to learn. I have to practice more. I have to do better. I am sure of those 3 preceding sentences.

This is the goal of this process: growth. The best imagery I can envision about this is a flower, or a plant, struggling against the ground, then finally blooming under the sun.

While the process continues and the learning expands, I seek for that growth : a flourishing mind, a well-fed brain, an active body, and a passionate heart—all of these to work in harmony for my growth and productivity as a writer.

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