S4Y#15: "Feel Good Inc." | Gorillaz feat. De La Soul

(You may know that this song has some curses. Thankfully, there's a clean edit of it, though this lacks completeness.)

This is one of the remarkable tracks of my fourth year soundtrack.

First, I like the way it flows from near-spoken-word lines to a lonely chorus to a pumped-up rap from De La Soul to another lonely chorus synced with guitar effects...

Next, I used this song in a Trigo pair project. My classmate (chosen by draw lots) made the video, and I wrote the lyrics. I used this song as the template, thanks to another classmate who has "Feel Good" on his phone.

Lastly, I actually heard of the notable bassline and the childlike-uttered words "feel good" back when I was very young.

And finally, I know what is the title of this song I've heard several times on radio.

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