S4Y #2: "Lipat Bahay" | Rico Blanco

I started appreciating Rico Blanco's works as a musician when I was in third year, as he launched an album that's very different from his other releases, entitled Galactik Fiestamatik.

The album heavily featured synths and electro combined with large amounts of drum beats. "Lipat Bahay" stands out, though, because it's much of a mellow song among the album's upbeat tracks, including "Amats" (featured on "101 Songs of My Third Year").

Obviously, the song tells of change. Mementos of childhood, memories of past, and missing much of what you've lived with for many years.

Fourth year was such a change as well, yet it gave way to good beginnings—a fresh start.

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  1. mgnda din ung "Antukin" ska "Come closer" nya


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