Information, Please: Some Thoughts on Time and Consumption in the Internet

Being a radio enthusiast, I found out a radio station in New York, U.S.A. which is one of the pioneers of the all-news format since 1965. It is 1010 WINS in the amplitude modulation (AM). Unlike stations here in the Philippines where news and talk combine, 1010 WINS delivers news non-stop, dividing an hour into three 20-minute newscasts. In each slot almost everything is filled in: national and world items, sports, business, weather and traffic. It almost "give[s] you the world" through those broadcasts.

When you need the news or other information, just turn your radio on, then go to 1010 AM, and there's the information. You don't have to stay long, I assume. You can simply consume and digest information in 20 minutes or less than that, and also listen to it "2, 3, 4 times a day".

With that, I see some similarity with Internet. 


Internet is a myriad of information. Compared to radio, in today's generation, many will prefer the Net for news and information. In addition, there is a stream of information brought to us by our friends, followers, by personalities, brands, and groups, through social media.

Now, let's consider: how much information we consume in the Net, and how long we do that?

First, is the information worth your time?

Well, if that's for some assignment, then fine. But, how about those out of that given condition? 

Internet has helped us so much in gathering information: from facts to include in our research to updates to find out from peers. Yet, there are many piles of "information" out there that aren't really information.

Time and consumption, in this matter, really relates to each other. So, here's another question: is your time well-spent in this consumption?


In a way Net surfing is fun, and in a way it's informative, and in a way it's entertaining. But, we have to be aware of the time we're using. Before, TV has been considered as a time-waster, and it still can be. Now, the Net is another time-waster.

If 20 minutes is enough for an American to capture "what's happening" through 1010 WINS, can we not consume enough information in the Net for not too long? 

That depends on what you're doing at cyberspace. Research through Internet may demand a lot of time. Checking out what's happening with your connections, however, may just require a few time. Relentlessly scrolling the News Feed is tedious over time. Consuming material such as an image of underarm hair, or a portrait of a tape-covered face, even of overexposed vanity are just a waste of time as well.

As much as Net can be useful, it can be destructive, unless you use your mind and be smart. You can be bored at times, but you can prefer to read a book.

I do appreciate Net's availability in mobile devices. By those means you can conveniently view social media for only a while, and you can go "2, 3, 4 times a day" with a click of a finger (as long as you have control over your phone!).

In the Internet, as much as in other forms of media, time and consumption are related to each other, so please be sure that when you're consuming information at Net, you're consuming sensible and useful ones, although a dose of entertainment won't be bad, especially when you need to take a break. And I do hope this piece was worth your consumption.

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