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I think I'll take a short break from working in front of my computer. I'm now working on a typewriter anyway. But as February comes, you can wait for the things I'll blog about this February.

  • CORONA: My take on the newest "TV series" today in the Philippines: The Impeachment Trial of the Supreme Court's Chief Justice Renato Corona.
  • L-O-V-E: Valentines Day is coming. But I won't post any cheesy stuff. I want to share to you my views of love...and what it really is.
  • MORE SCHOOL LIFE JOURNALS: Coming out of my typewriter that I've found from the things in the house, I have more stories to share from my classroom.
  • MISSED LITERATURE: As I searched through and saw old covers of pulp magazines in the Internet, I realized I've missed something to read and appreciate.
  • BIBLE: January almost ended with the Bible Week. Inspired by an editorial from a newspaper, I would like to share to you the book that every man should use as their manual.
  • A SLAP ON MY FACE: Last year, I wrote about the days of my examination. That doesn't end there. This series will continue in probably the last part of them all.

There will be also more poetry. I thank everyone reading my blog. And I'm still hoping to get more readers. How about if you join Blogger and follow me? (Hehe).

Sentiments of A Student

I remember this poem. I made this during the first quarter when I wasn't given the chance to give my notebook on a subject for checking. I feared that I might have an unsatisfying grade on my card. Well, I must follow the rule: get the notebook before the class. Sorry, but I haven't. I just remained myself quiet at that moment and made this poem.

May you appreciate it.

Sentiments of A Student

Why am I like this?
I'm so unlucky
I always fail
When will I learn?
When will things come to change?
          When will I be better?

I am distressed
I get low grades
And I lose some things

They all turn me bad
They all depress me
They all leave me in distress!

Why should I come at this point?
                              At this point
                              Where nothing happens
But troubles and problems
      failures and shortcomings

How will I pass,
when I can't pass earlier?
How will good grades come,
when downfall occurs instead?

I'm like a stock exchange
Especially in times of crises
I fall down
I decline...

How unfortunate am I indeed!
I wonder why

Why God seems not around?
                                Let Him hear my sentiments
                                Let Him come and help me
I'm desperately in need...
                           Need of retained knowledge
                           of help
                           Need of hard work
                           of change

God, please meet this needs!
For I want to pursue
                 to pursue on good works
                                on passing marks

I'm afraid of downfalls
I'm afraid of low scores
I'm afraid to be out!
Right now
Please, help me...
I'm really unlucky
...really distressed

For I'm a student
            a student with sentiments
            a student who stumbles
A student in crisis.

Nevertheless, I still trust everything to the Lord. It's just that we have to be honest before our God, and keep your faith in Him.

Anyway, I'll add some old school music here on this post. From Eurogliders, Heaven(Must Be There).

Blinded By Faith

Author's Note: This post is based on my faith, on what I believe, and on what the Bible say. Still, I wrote this for you, my readers, that you may know what's right, and what God says in the Scriptures. Thanks.
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Last January 9, a big news made the headlines. It's an event that showed Catholic faith, maroon shirts, and what else but crowded roads. "The Feast of The Nazarene", as they call it, went again. But it's different this year than the previous years, as I saw it on TV and on print throughout the years.

Crowds are larger, making incidents and injuries on some. Vast devotees were around the Quiapo church, around Plaza Miranda and Quirino Grandstand, and throughout the procession. Most of them crawled and struggled to go through the icon that they believe to bring miracles, and they either put their towels on it or say their prayers. They shouted the usual “Viva! Viva!”. They even defy alerts of plotted terror attacks announced by the President. Also, the procession of the caravan lasted almost a day.

However, as an adolescent aware of the news and as a born-again Christan, I am saddened by this event and its futility and contradiction to the 2nd commandment of the Ten Commandments.
 "You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below."-Exodus 20:3-4 (NIV)
Like my mother said, it's awful to see this people clinging to their faith, clinging to the man-made representation of Jesus Christ. It's not good to see vast crowds, believing in God of course, waiting and rushing through their "Black Nazarene", expecting him(it) to hear their prayers, to heal them of their sicknesses, or to grant them blessings. It's an entire idolatry.
 "They would not listen, however, but persisted in their former practices. Even while these people were worshipping the Lord, they were serving their idols. To this day their children and grandchildren continue to do as their fathers did."-2 Ki 17:40-41(NIV)(Emphasis mine)
How wrong the feast really was! They are misled to something untrue. As Dr. Anthony P. Pezzota, a former Roman Catholic who turned Christian, put it on his book, "Truth Encounter":
"Roman Catholics are truly misled whenever they are taught that the second commandment does not apply to our time or is the simple repetition of the first."(Emphasis mine)
God is only the one to be worshiped. He, our Creator, should be only honored. He, who loves us so much that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ, should be the One to be trusted and relied on; not mere figures or statues. Furthermore, Dr. Pezzotta wrote on his book:
"Idolatry is directing honor, praise, respect, or affection that rightly belongs to God to some created person or thing."(Emphasis mine)
While you worship some saint or icon, you praise or honor it instead of God, who really deserves our praise.
 "Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs."-Jonah 2:8 (NIV)
But idolatry is not limited to icons. Idolatry can also be on material things, on money, on self, on people-personality cults, or even someone you love.

How bad and blind idolatry is. Instead of worshiping God, people would bow, kiss, or hold to saints or figures of Christ or Mary.

If you want to learn more about what I wrote today, I recommend you to read "Truth Encounter: Catholicism and the Holy Scriptures" by Anthony Pezzotta. Nevertheless, always read the Bible that you may know the truth and obey it. I'm also open to your questions. Just comment. You may also talk to a pastor near you.

Some may just ignore this or even distaste me for working on such a post. But I'm just telling the truth as a believer in Christ. That's what The Ten Commandments said. That's God wanted for us: our praises, our honors, and-of course-our love to the One who truly loved and remained faithful and loyal to us.

May you never be blinded by your faith.

Truth Encounter by Anthony Pezzotta
News about the Feast:

Bible verses found on


Here's a poem that I made one Saturday evening. I remembered such things, and I made this poem in free verse. Hope you like it.


Dearest me
You've been great
and you've been friendly
They talk to you
and they have happy looks

 But let me tell you

You'll not always be heard
they'll not always look at you
You may ask
  but they won't always answer you
Suggest if you can
  yet they'll not bother it

You'll not always get the attention
you'll not always make them relate to you
You'll not always get the credit

That makes you blue
But turn that blue,
and never make it a depression
never stuck too deep on yourself

Stay friendly
stay helpful

Thank them that
they regard,
and appreciate you
as a friend

.........I'm not alone.

I hope you liked that poem. Together with that, I want to share with you a nice song from The Police. Message In A Bottle. I can relate to it somehow.


Our class had recently worked on a project in English. In two pieces of short bond paper, we would make our own web pages entitled "Friendbook"-just like Facebook. There, we wrote a reflection on Afro-Asian poetry, and other sorts of posts related to Africa and Asia. I decided to just make a drawing of my webpage instead of an online webpage. Most of us preferred the virtual one. It took me my whole working hours on Thursday to finish this simple yet unique "Friendbook" at home before I submitted it the next day. I made a short reflection and wrote an African poem and 2 Asian poems-a poem in small letters and a haiku. As I did these things and asked my classmates to write comments that next day, I came to really reflect on Afro-Asian poetry. What my classmates posted on Facebook about their reflections are precise and factual, and they made me write this simple article on my young and unknown blog. Here it is, tough I may not write it as same as what I wrote on that "Friendbook".

Afro-Asian poetry is one unique kind of poetry. It went through various social and political turmoils and situations.Poems like these have distinct and fine imagery. Most African poems reflect love for land. Asian poems show unique images of nature and nation. Yet, it speaks of itself. It has it's own voice: a voice of freedom, liberty, and patriotism. Therefore, Afro-Asian poetry is both impacting, touching, and compelling.

It's good for me to know these poems: poems that express grief, joy, appreciation and revolution. I hope that as I go through my last three months as a sophomore, I'll learn more and have more taste on poetry, especially on the Afro-Asian poetry.

By the way, if you have any justifications on my reflection, you may give a comment. And here are two poems from the variety of literature we are studying this second year.

Image Of Africa
Edward Kofi Louis

Image of Africa,
Where is the family in our family today on this earth?
Image of Africa,
Where is the society in our society today in this world?
Image of Africa,
Where are the positive human beings among us today on this earth?
Image of Africa,
Of the kings, queens and the cultures of the people!
But the rhythms of this world only need peace, love and unity. 

"Last Line"
Rajbir Parashar

I am the last
line of her poem

her last poem
that sings
my betrayal
her own faith
in a person

she knew so well
despite all agony and loss

I'm glad you've read this blog once again...Thanks.

Two Thousand and Twelve

How time flies so fast. At a sweep of seconds, it's another new year. Fireworks appear around cities and neighborhoods. Greetings of  "Happy New Year!" are heard. In New York, that glowing ball symbols the coming of the new year. In London, the Big Ben strikes banging "dong"s. Bright fireworks cover the atmosphere of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. New Year has come. It's year 2012.

I would just like to wish you a Happy New Year.

It's another blessing from God. Therefore, let us entrust to Him this year. Besides, it is He who will decide whether 2012 would be the apocalypse or not. We really don't know.

Though circumstances may come, let us hold our heads up high in the Lord. Put yourselves into His hands.

Anyway, time flies so fast, that not only it's 2012. I'll go back to school once again. How short vacation is. However, I hope that I'll do better this time.

In addition to all of this, I hope you'll continue to read The Teenage Dispatch, and may more readers would be interested at my blog and follow it. I thank my first 4 followers.

There will be more posts on my teenage life. I'll also try to post about current issues, Christian thoughts, and everything under the sun that I'm interested to. I also look forward to create and post short stories, and poems will also come along.

What more could I say? May you all have a nice 2012.

Making another new feature in this blog, here's a feature song of my taste. From A Flock of Seagulls, "The More You Live, The More You Love".

Manigong Bagong Taon. Happy New Year!