Fifteen Lessons and Thoughts From A Teenager Turning Fifteen

Why fifteen? Fifteen would be my age beginning Sunday, June 10. I'm blessed to have another year in life, and I thank it to God. And while I continue on my adolescence with the age of fifteen, here are fifteen lessons and thoughts I have learned and thought in my whole life. They are many, but I have gathered some and I want them to share them to you. So here they are.

1. Do not leave a room unattended, especially the kitchen after you eat.

2. I do believe adolescents should understand and be open to discussions on human sexuality(or let's say it, sex)in a way that their minds won't be corrupted and under such limitations.

3. Anyone can be a writer and a reader.

4. Bad words are really irritating to my ears. People should use words in the right manner.

5. Discipline is important for every student...and writer.

6. Make sure the toilet's clean.

7. I'm too mature for such matters.

8. While "teenage love" works for others, I don't like to go nuts over any person. I might be in love, but I wouldn't let myself react on it while I continue studying and enjoying high school life.

9. To be over serious is a serious problem. Chill.

10. It doesn't mean that if there's no reply on a message, someone doesn't care or is ignorant. How about if you meet face-to-face?

11. Pride kills.

12. The word hot is only for the weather, the news, the music, or the degree of demand or popularity of celebrities. It is not for any person who is just beautiful and have the curves.

13.Time is a precious material. Use it very well.
     Get ahead of time in surfing the Net, because Sister might and will use it soon..

14. Respect people. Respect girls.

15. Reading books is a well-spent, pleasurable leisure. It leads you to different worlds and different views, twists, and turns of life. I'm blessed to have a big inclination on reading. I just hope to be more active and even more voracious to take spare time reading a book.

So far...(Part 1)

 Author's Note: The post was written before classes started. Due to lack of time, it was  just posted today.

After 73 days of summer vacation, I'll be "back to work". By the 4th of June, I'll go back to school to continue my journey with education. I'll be 3rd year this coming school year, and I expect to acquire more knowledge, cherish new experiences(let's include that Prom), and enjoy the whole school year at my new section.

As I write this blog, days are counting and June 4 is coming soon. Summer has just passed. Rains occurred during the day, telling us here that it's starting to rain a lot. Then I thought of reexamining what happened on this vacation. The big question is this: did I enjoy this summer vacation?

But before that, what have I done during the past 3 months of leave?

There are many, and I'll list them. It's hard to list them in some good order, but I want to list as many and as orderly and clear as I can.

Getaways and adventures

The beginning of my leave began after the last day of classes. Amidst those days spent in front of the TV and the computer, I had spent summer with getaways and strollings.

Saturday after classes ended, most of us in section Linnaeus had a farewell party at Enchanted Kingdom. We spent the whole day enjoying every rides(though I nauseated after the dizzying ride at that anchor-like ride—Anchors Away) even though it rained a lot that day. A joyful adventure!

Another Saturday (Black Saturday—April 7) the whole family, together with Dad's long-time friend and his wife, had a very great feast of chili shrimps, kaldereta, and steamed fish, plus ice cream care of Kuya. It was a very delicious culinary experience for my taste buds and stomach.

In celebration of my brother's birthday, the family had a nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant at the large and wide SM Mall of Asia(MOA). Then, at about near evening, we all watched The Avengers in 3-D. An amazing experience!

At the 23rd wedding anniversary of my parents, the whole family gathered for dinner at Alabang Town Center(ATC). Before the dinner, I saw and strolled on a bigger and more wonderful National Bookstore, where I saw new books and a science fiction section. After that I had a taste of Starbucks—thanks to my sister. Then, all of us there had a dinner of tasty chicken and fries at the Korean restaurant Chicken Bon-Chon, and a cozy coffee talk thereafter at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

For one week, I volunteered for Brigada Eskwela or the National School Maintenance Week at our school. There, I knew where my section is and I got my books earlier, but I also helped cleaning and decorating the room(even the CR) in simple ways. There I realized that at least I have done something productive rather than staying in boredom, or let's put it, doing things repeatedly, more than enough(unless it's reading or writing).

And recently, I, the family, and our friends in the church went for a relaxing and once-in-a-while outing at Batangas. I got the chance of swimming in the nice beach and the pool. I even learned the basics of swimming—floating, hoping that someday I'll get swimming as a skill.

Walter Mart, SM.....Booksale

One of the things I've done mostly throughout this summer was strolling on malls. I mostly visited Walter Mart, where I always went by myself through walking and where I always hunt books(at Booksale). But also, when I got the chance, I strolled at SM. I got those chances 4 times. Once—again—all by myself. Every time I had those saunterings on both malls, I cherished each time feeling the cool air, walking through stores, eating with the family or friends, and what else but taking time hunting for books—especially new deliveries—whether I have money or not. I even thought twice on the books to pick and buy.

These getaways during summer, both with others and by myself, were good things, simple and good things in life that I appreciated.


My summer was also spent with the Tube.

After seeing it for many times and searching it on the Net, I liked and became a fan of the animated series Adventure Time. Especially during the early days of summer, I viewed each episodes until I came to see in the following days that they are just replayed.Though, I still expect to watch new episodes and view the show anytime.

It was also during those summer days that I discovered the comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond. I encountered it one morning and I liked it. Days passed by and I found it nice to watch. Almost everyday I tuned in to watch new episodes. Every plot and humor of the so-called "TV's favorite dysfunctional family" made me laugh, especially the dialogues of Ray Barone(starred by Ray Romano). Good thing beTV reruns this great sitcom from the 90's. For now, it replays episodes I've already watched, but I hope they'll air new episodes soon.

Furthermore, I came back to my interest in watching movies. I saw many movies this summer, but I didn't load any DVD, except when I watched The Iron Lady. I scheduled movies to watch and watched them on HBO, Cinemax, and Star Movies. I viewed mostly past movies from the 80s to those black-and-white fifties. I like to watch sci-fi movies, so I watched the nostalgia films The Incredible Shrinking Man and The Invasion of The Body Snatchers, and also 3 Babylon 5 movies, which were from the 90s. I also viewed other movies that I liked, from thrillers to drama. There's Nightmares, where I liked the story "Bishop of The Battle" the most; Christine, which got me to appreciate Stephen King more; and Dead Poets Society, with the dialogues "O Captain! O Captain!" and "Carpe Diem!"

Furthermore, I regained interest in watching NBA, especially the continuing Playoffs/Semi-Finals.

Most of the time, almost each day when I woke up, I just saw a game running through the screen. As I watched. I saw those basketball players doing their game, shooting, dunking, even alley-oop-ing. There are shouts in the background, whether it's "OKC! OKC!" or "Let's go Heat! Let's go Heat!"

I admit to you, dear reader, that I'm less inclined to basketball and hardly play any hoops. But one morning of watching some of the day's game, I just got inclined to watch and get updated. Thanks to my close friend for this, and I'm with that friend in rooting for Boston Celtics this semi-finals as well on the Finals.

And who could forget American Idol? I myself and the family followed it, though not from the very start. Knowing that there's a great singer who is half-Filipino competing there, I joined with many who tuned in to AI every week. I'm amazed by every performances of Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledette(haha), and the rest. I even rooted for Jessica, hoping she would make it all the way to the final 2. She was blessed to be "saved" by the judges and to be with Phillip Phillips in the top 2. However, Phillip was the one who won in the end. Yet, in my opinion, both of them are great singers in their own tempos.

Lastly, I went through summer with the afternoon "teledrama"—the Impeachment Trial of the Chief Justice, now former CJ, Renato Corona. Honestly, I seldom watched this trial, finding the accounts and properties discussed boring and confusing. But then, when the final witness, Corona himself, stood before the impeachment court to testify, I became interested again. I followed it to the end, where 3 voted to acquit the Chief Justice and 20 voted to convict. Therefore, Corona was impeached, and I witnessed it in the television that heats up when Senator Santiago speaks fiercely—yet with truthfulness.

(To be continued...)