101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 7)

Today's music isn't all trash. There is still good music today...

And we're celebrating it here on this 10-part blog I titled as 101 Songs of My Third Year.

We're now on 4 more parts, starting with this one. We're going to know more bands that you might not know yet. But we'll also hear another Foster The People track.

And also we'll get to encounter another pop track you might have known recently. Plus, another local act to unfold as we count down from the fortieth to the thirty-first.

So why don't you try to listen to new sounds and know more artists?

Let's get to listening and reviewing these songs!

40. "Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore"

Little Talks|Of Monsters and Men

Commercials/teasers/promotions on TV helped me recognize new songs.

This one was a discovery from both cable and radio. I got my first taste of folk rock in this track. Powerful all around.

Little talks. Like small talk.

39. "An eye for an eye and an 'F' for a fight"

Houdini|Foster The People

FTP again! Pounding drum beats. Video-game sounds. Oozing synths. And that alternating sounds after the chorus. Plus a trumpet to play along with all of them!

Here's a live version that is also as energetic(and even more energetic) as the recorded version.

38. "You can stay where you are"

Dreamers|Savoir Adore

A very glowing song for the night. Combine those skipping and elevating guitars, those raising synths, and cute vocals; and a lullaby is resembled.

Right from the lyrics, it brings a sweet imagery of dreaming...and sleeping.

As if I dream a lot..I just sleep a lot, though not all the time.

Here's a live performance of the song.

37. "You shoot me down, but I won't fall"

Titanium|David Guetta featuring Sia

Now, house that has gone pop. Thanks to my former classmate and her cellphone, I found out this energetic composition from DJ David Guetta, blended with Sia's chants.

It has these empowering lyrics that became like a sort of an anthem for me, a firm shoutout that I won't let myself down and will keep myself strong (with God's grace), no matter how many physical and verbal "bullets" will hit me.

It was a declaration I made before: I Am Titanium.

36. "Even if we're six feet underground I know that we'll be safe and sound"

Safe and Sound|Capital Cities

Found this out while listening to a radio in a cellphone as I worked on school stuff.

This dynamic duo definitely makes dance-able, upbeat tunes, including this one. The music video even testifies to it.

It is somewhat a love song, and somehow an uplifting song. Just look into the words. Either it tells you whether that when there's a calamity we'll face and rise from it, or that on someone's hands, care, and love you'll be alright.

"Safe and Sound" is a groovy track anytime. And maybe everywhere.

I hope this one will be a song in the dance-themed video game called Just Dance.

35. "Is it real now. When two people become one"

Walking On A Dream|Empire of The Sun

This single from another duo, who always wear fantastic costumes, has a mark of the 80s. They sound like 80s synthpop duo The Buggles.

Meanwhile, "Walking On A Dream" is a mark of my third year. It has repeating and enchanting keyboard chords, and simple drum patterns (which reminds me of "Men In Black"), as well as good vocals that I can mimic(except for the chorus..haha!).

It's words are true to heart. We do have dreams, anyway. And we don't just dream them, we walk on them. It's like window shopping, since there are dreams that we hardly grasp near us. So "walking" on them is just fine with us...

This is a nice tune to mix in at prom.

34. "Fade away. So many of them may"

Fade Away|Electric Youth

I have known this duo/sweethearts who are largely influenced by the 80s music. I liked them right from when I've heard their cover version of an 80s disco-like song entitled "Faces" (this is the original, by the way).

They're very nice at imparting an 80s blend of synths, electric drums, and a sweet voice from Bronwyn the "voicegirl".

Sadly, I haven't found any lyrics on the Net. But anyway, "Fade Away" sounds like both rockin' rock and poppin' pop. It's not that corny, and I guess teens should take a hearing of this.

It would be great if it's also in Just Dance.

I thought before that they should release an album, since they're great in what they do. And now I'm glad to know that they're working on their debut album. I hope that album will be released here in the Philippines!

Recommended: The Best Thing (also encountered during third year)

33. "When the light is out, when the words have gone, let me be the one to try it on"

Lights Out, Words Gone|Bombay Bicycle Club

Have you ever felt that feeling when you're turned down or turned back? And do you hope that someday, when your friend is gloomy and away from his close friends and his joyfulness, you could be that person to be that "light" for him? This song recalls me of those things.

This one is a favorite! Aside from the catchy name of the British band, I like how the song was composed.

It is also nice of them to include a female voice in the name of Lucy Rose.

Both the notes and syllables are sweet and emotional.

This makes me think of my hope that I could help friends and cheer them up or even weep with them when times aren't going well with them.

This is also a good song to play at prom.

And I even want to make a cover of this (if I'm blessed with a band). If I just know how to play instruments!

Here are the live versions: at Reading Festival(adorned with brass!), and from Off The Avenue.

32. "Your life is your life gotta live like it's your life"

Life Is Life|Noah and The Whale

After settling the TV on 2nd Avenue one night, Live From Abbey Road was being aired. And there's a band performing a song I didn't know yet, and I found it nice, so I added it on my playlist. (By the way, the show is now on Jack TV)

The notable things here, for me, are the drums—or pads—at the beginning, and this typical vocals that is not much of a rocker or a high-pitched artist. It's just fine and it sounds perfectly well.

The harmony of the band is like a choir, especially at the bridge.

Furthermore, the title is attractive and real. Life is life. And we get to live it on our own unique ways.

Yet for me, following God's way is helpful and better.

31. "Kung pwede lang ulitin, ba’t 'di mo simulan"

Bago Mahuli Ang Lahat|Never The Strangers

Another OPM hit from an emerging band with some cool and powerful music to bring out. They're currently known for being featured in a Valentine commercial of Close Up, with their song "Moving Closer"

Remarkable piano sounds, clouded by simple beats, guitars, and of course the powerful voice of Ace Libre.

It's a kind love song about chasing someone and telling what has to be said before it's all over. It's just awesome.

So what can you say? You can leave a comment, if you want to.

I hope you have discovered new music here...and like it.

For the next run of 101 Songs...We're finally down to 30 songs...Linkin Park and Passion Pit comes back...New ones to be featured are good-sounding bands like Stars, Keane, Death Cab for Cutie, and more...

So keep updated, if you want to.

Thanks for dropping by!

101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 6)

We're finally halfway through the 101 Songs of My Third Year. So many songs that it took a list as long as this.

I hope you'll find something new here to listen and like.

What to expect? Linkin Park. Muse. Indie bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Foster The People. Then local rappers like Loonie and Gloc 9.

But also, with these songs come the words they convey that a teenager like me can relate to.

Just check it out!

50. "All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you"

Numb|Linkin Park

Actually, I have heard of Linkin Park since elementary years. My siblings are fans of the band, and I'm becoming one too. 

Numb. So true. I can relate to the lyrics directly since I have become tired of the expectations of and the pressures by some people around me. Because I'm who I am, and I want to become more of that.

I felt like I'm screaming this song out. Like I'm shouting it to all the burdens I had. 

49. "You hid there last time, you know we're gonna find you"

Undercover Martyn|Two Door Cinema Club

Another good song from a band most of you might not know yet, indie for short.

Unearthed from radio from a band that has one of the coolest long names. A good blend of guitars and space-like synths.

When I found out that "it's sort of a made up story [about] a guy who's scared to do something, but he knows he has to go and do it and it will pay off in the end", I can agree to it. I found myself that way before.

48. "I've found myself against all the odds again"

Chin Song For The Unsuspecting Hero|Foster The People

Foster The People, at last. This song, from one of the indie bands that helped me appreciate modern music more, is so close to me. 

A wonderfully-written song of a gloomy mood. To me, it speaks of yearning, of desperation, of being devastated. I can instantly relate to it because of having slept for long times, wondering that friends "have gone", saying out things to God, and being at the odds.

But again, I could use some cheering up. Hero? Unsuspecting hero? I don't assume to be. 

But we can be.

47. "You're just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down" 

Warrior|Mark Foster, Kimbra, and A-Trak

Here's a collaboration between Foster The People's frontman, singer Kimbra (who made a duet with Gotye for Somebody That I Used To Know), and DJ A-Trak. This one was shared by the blogger in earthingsblog.wordpress.com (the blog is nice anyway, check it out!).

And the song does sound like Foster's band. Splendidly composed, perfectly mixed.

Warrior. I'm thinking/imagining like that. Someone battling life and whatever it throws in. By that I'm reminded that there shouldn't be anything that tries to push and crash me down to stop me. I have to learn to be a warrior(of my own right).

46. "Marami pang pagkakataon ang nasa 'yong harapan"

Bakit Hindi|Gloc 9 feat. Billy Crawford

Another inspiring song from one of Pinoy music's finest artists, and also a creative poet, Gloc 9.

Saw it on the music channel, and I found it good to listen to, especially when—again—I'm on the hard times.

But that's true. We aren't perfect. We're working, doing, and sometimes we fail. But that shouldn't stop us. This one is another pat in my back, telling me to keep on dreaming, and believing. Why not?

45. "Just some scars from a life that used to trouble me"

Sight of The Sun|fun.

A special track from the power pop band, which was heard—again—on the radio. So simple, yet so brilliant. It seems like it was just dawn, and the sun's just shining.

44. "And now I have finally seen the light"


Haay. Madness. Most of us may have gone to that, or maybe just few. 

But this one's notable. Being aware of the band, and their album, The 2nd Law, I have stumbled upon this electronica-inspired and club-sounding single. There's still rock coming from rocking guitar riffs. And the vocals, I feel like it's close to heart, and coming from it.

43. "It's better just to stay in bed. Didn't want to fail myself again"

Save Me|Gotye

Have you ever felt like that? Feeling like you want to stay in your comfort zone, or simply in your bed? Feeling fed up of failing many times? I've felt that way.

Hoping to be saved from all the things that drowning you deep? I felt that way too.

I found out this single from the musician who created one of the songs that you know and maybe sing along, what else but "Somebody That I Used To Know". I found this when I was channel surfing, and I stopped into a Chinese version of Channel [V]. I heard an English voice, plus some rippling tunes, and saw a nice art on the music video. 

It appeared to be this.

That just made me think of something, though not much connected to the song, and I want to share it to you. 

Jesus saved me, and He can save you too. Save you from being fallen. Just believe and receive.

Hopefully, we'll talk more about that soon. 

42. "Kung wala ka pang mali wala ka pang nagagawa"

Tao Lang|Loonie feat. Quest

We're going to hip-hop and rap again with this track with realistic lyrics, coming from Loonie, one of the prominent rappers from the famous hip-hop battle here, Fliptop. Also with Quest, who was featured in the previous list.

The lyrics is direct as well as true. Because the truth is we are all human. We have slipped for a lot of times, but we do learn from them. Therefore, we should understand each other, as well as forgive each other. 

Also, please, don't pressure us.

41. "All along the western front. People line up to receive"

Electric Feel|MGMT

I've spotted this out from another blog. MGMT's mix of psychedelic and synthetic sounds engaged my ears, and it just fit well.

Their sound, their persona, and even their artwork, all in all, are colorful.

For your information, this long list will run with 4 more posts..More to come, more to find out, and more to listen. I hope you like today's list.

Thanks for checking this out!

101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 5)

There are many songs to listen, many artists to appreciate, many genres to discover. Music revolved around my third year, and still revolves around me. That's why I've come up with a list as long as this.

So let's continue the "chart". There's both homegrown and foreign. Rap and alternative rock. But still, there's electronica.

I now let you listen and discover, in case you might find new songs here.

60. "Hindi ko alam kung anong tumama sa 'kin" ("I didn't know what hit me")

Amats|Rico Blanco

I used to know Rico Blanco before as the frontman of one of Philippines' famous bands, Rivermaya.

Now that he has gone solo, I find him as one of the good-sounding guys in the music industry today. He recently went to electro with a festive flavor, which seems unusual for a man who usually plays guitar or whatsovever, just not any electronic stuff. It did surprise me that he turned out that way.

By the way, if you're confused if what "amats" means (as used in the song), it's a slang which describes someone who has been struck—mostly in a very deep degree—by a person. Meaning, deeply attracted to a particular person. It could also be defined as "got crazy".

Since I have heard the song and seen it's music video for a long time during third year, I found it nice to put it in here.

We cannot disagree that sometimes we're "struck" differently into others, and we felt weird about it.

59. "When I need a healing, I just look up the the ceiling. I see the sun coming down I know its all better now"

I Cry|Flo Rida

This one's remarkable. It has to be put on the list.

Right from the rapped words, it's relative to this person who had gone through all that mixed events. I may not really cry at those times, but inside I did. You get what I mean?

Even just a little, inside I grieved and somehow became fed up being "caught in the middle".

But then I didn't give up on the thought that things will get better, that another morning will come up.

All throughout the song I can nod and jump to the music.

Note: 1 cussword, lest you may be alarmed

58. "Hanggat ako’y humihinga. Sugod lang laban pa" (As long as I'm breathing. Just rush forward and fight")

Sige Lang|Quest

Good thing there are positive songs. That music to uplift you.

This one can greet you a good morning, as well as remind you of the good things life can bring. So just go on. Do things right. Keep on climbing. Forget the past but keep in mind its lessons. Keep moving.

We have God with us! He can carry you up in your trouble. He can help a lot! He will.

57. "I climbed the highest mountains. I swum the coldest seas" 

My Inner Ninja|Classified

Another frequently-played song on the radio. Another strong song. Another nice rap.

"My Inner Ninja" tells me every time of  how I can be like that person in the song. A determined person. A learned and learning person. A person who undergoes challenging trails and uneasy adventures. A person who survives, and can survive all that.

And I'm happy to inculcate that "inner ninja". May his power be used and unleashed soon.

56. "Because in the daylight anywhere feels like home"

Daylight|Matt and Kim

This one's radiantly engaging. A notable beginning. Harmonic voices. Blending beats.

Daylight. Like daybreak, or dawn. Shining bright on us cheerfully, whether we're in the same or opposite mood of it.

55. "I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this"

Closer Than This|St. Lucia

It amazed me from the first time I've heard it from the radio in a cellphone.

It's colorful, rhythmic, and beautiful.

And we have another truth here. We don't expect to be close, or closer, to people we don't much expect we'll get so close as if we're only an inch away from them.

It's such a kind song from the heart.

I like the acoustic version too.

54. "I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant. But nothing...can take away these blues"

Nothing Compares 2 U|Capital Cities

It's actually a cover of a song entitled "Nothing Compares 2U". But this sounds better.

It has this 80s flair like that of Kool and The Gang or El Debarge. This one is really wonderfully made. Another song I can dance to, again like Kool and The Gang or The Whispers.

53. "The night city grows. Look as the horizon glow"

Midnight City|M83

I first heard this when I was in second year on the radio of my cellphone. Right from the start, it caught my ears which sooner liked the sounds of keyboards and synthesizers more. This was the first song that helped me to be interested at the band. At third year, it was almost heavily played at the time I began listening to Jam 88.3 in the evening.

A lead single from their album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, Midnight City is inspired by "Downtown Los Angeles" at night. I liken the vocals to one of Alan Parson's Project. But it was nice of them to adorn a distinct sound in the finale. No spoiling. Play and listen. It still sounds like the 80s—almost.

52. "Look I found her, redcoat"

CMYK|James Blake

I found another distinct sound in James Blake. We'll call it post-dubstep, which is frequently mixed with soul(which will appear in upcoming lists).

It's just different yet engaging. Here's one. But I like the live performance on an American public radio station more. It speaks more of James Blake in unusual sounds.

The use of words from other songs, and the progressive beats spurted out fits James Blake's uniqueness. I like the way "90's R&B" is composed into one collage on this track.

The voice of James Blake here is processed by a vocoder, a sound-making device, for your information.

Note: One cussword.

51. "You've got heart and you're going your own way"

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.|Noah and The Whale

A song that gives a pat on my back, especially when I'm getting through hard times!

First heard on Live From Abbey Road, one of my favorite shows as of now.

But that's right. Life goes on. And I said it to myself often at those times.

More to come on the following parts. For the next part, there'll be Linkin' Park, Foster The People, Fun., Gloc 9, and Two Door Cinema Club.

I hope you like these 10 songs I've featured today. I hope you have found new songs to add to your playlist. In case you're finding the previous parts, just look at the Blog Archive. Thanks for reading and listening!

101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 4)

I'm here again for another run of 101 Songs. We have already counted 31 songs (if you want to start from part 1, here's a link), and we're now counting from 70 to 71, ranging from rock to electronic rock to dream pop to OPM.

So try to listen to the 10 following songs. I hope you'll like them.

70. "The fear has gripped me but here I go"


We're having another back to back here, now from a British indie rock band I've discovered on the radio, Alt-J(which is really the Greek alphabet delta).

Squeaky lead vocals, harmonized voices, pounding beats and gritty guitars. Though they sound odd, Alt-J makes smooth flows in their music.

69. "Blended by the lights"


While Breezeblocks is something smooth and cool, this one sounds more like rock.

They just don't sound odd at their songs, but even at their titles.

Nevertheless, their unusual sound is awesomely great.

68. "I'm breathing in the chemicals"

Radioactive|Imagine Dragons

This is one of the songs I like the most from their album Night Visions, especially that it is dubstep-influenced. Head-banging and heart-thumping.

This single also reminds me of the novel Z For Zachariah, whose character has survived a nuclear war.

With the jangling of acoustic and electric guitars, and the electronically-made wub-wubs, and the beating of   Dan Reynolds' bass drum, "Radioactive" re-imagines a shift of time when a widespread war—maybe nuclear war—goes on, and it brought out a wrecked environment and a redefined future.

67. "Turning away from the light"

Banquet|Bloc Party

The beginning and finale of this song could be heard before on every intro of Myx Daily Top 10, a weekday music chart show.

The effects and drumbeats on "Banquet" amazes me, especially the chorus. It's like, for me, it moves my feet to jump and jump and even dance.

And I like to learn the drum parts. It's like playing Drum Mania.

I like the melody more, never mind the words.

Recommended: Truth, Octopus, Flux

66. "Change it all but can't change what we've been"

Trojans|Atlas Genius

Radio still has its function. A frequently-played track on Jam 88.3 while I struggled at school, Trojans is another song I can ride into.

It sounds like a to-do list, but deep inside it's emotional while upbeat.

"Trojans in my head". Things that happened but can be forgotten. Matters that already had their own parts in us, but can still be ignored.

65. "They are crazy about romance and illusions"

Kim & Jessie|M83

We have finally reached one of the modern electronic/dream pop bands I like. M83.

M83 somehow takes us back to an atmospheric sound of the 80s, and that's true to their heavy influence on the decade's music. The album to which this song belongs has definitely took its roots from member Anthony Gonzalez's memories of the 80's, his teenage years.

This is a kind of song that makes me think that when it is played, there comes that moment of people saying "Awwwwwww....." It is something you can unexpectedly hear on the radio, and the mood will turn cozy and blue. It even sounds romantic, like something from an old school teenage romance movie.

But the lyrics projects through my thought. Since the song narrates of two people—Kim and Jessie, it makes me think of best friends. There were many during my third year.

And doesn't that sound true that even the best of friends have their own worlds where they understand each other and enjoy each other's company?

64. "So I'll wait for that revolving door"

In This Life|Bamboo

This OPM song struck my attention due to its lyrics. I can really relate to it. I can slip myself through its words and the emotions they convey.

You know, that feeling when you're going through tough points in life. Where you undergo multitudes of sufferings. Where doors are closed and you're looking forward for some door to open, not knowing what it would bring.

That's why I like this song so much. It reminds me to keep calm and be still.

63. "Or maybe we just need to start again"

Change Is Breaking Us Apart|The Dawn

This one's from another local artist, one of my favorites, The Dawn.

Simply, this song directs to me since it speaks of change. And sometimes change brings the unwanted among and between others. And that overwhelmed me.

I have liked the band before I was in second year. And here are some songs I recommend: Enveloped Ideas, I Stand With You, Tulad Ng Dati(Just Like Before)

62. "Nothing more than a distraction"

Your Silence Is The Villain|Your Imaginary Friends

Thanks to Internet and we've got cool sounds from local indie acts like this. This one combined a lot of musical noise, together with Ahmad Tanji's bittersweet words.

It sounded nice at the first time I heard it. Then, it sounded better for me along the way. Because it's true. Silence is sometimes a villain.

61. Deathless Gods|Tarsius

Because I like Pedicab, I also found out this project from the band's vocalist and the drums of a jazz rock band called Radioactive Sago Project—an electronic duo named Tarsius.

This one is the most known track from them. And from the first time I heard it, I enjoyed it. I finally have taken delight in the fact that electronic music now influences Filipinos like them. Great!

This is a dance-able tune in an urban-hyped way, and it somewhat brings, from the title, an imagery of fantasy or mythical stories, of something like Adventure Time.

It has also been featured in an indie film I really want to watch. Ang Nawawala(What Isn't There), which features more songs from local independent artists here in the country.

So...What can you say? Are you bored of all these lists I'm making, or are you finding it good? You can drop a comment.It's either it's already under this post, or you have to click the title above first, then find the box under this post..Got it?

These are some of the songs that I've heard then that I've liked, and there are more to come. For the next list, there'll be rap..then the typical indie..and another M83.

So if you want, stay updated. It would come out very soon. Thanks for reading...and listening!

101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 3)

Here I am again to continue the long roll of of the songs I like during my third year in high school. More local music to come your way, plus a pick from the 90's, then the typical electronic music. I really like it, you know?

I suggest that you listen to the tracks before or while you read my say about these songs. Hope you will like these more.

80. "Heart-stopping liar"

A Weeknight Memoir In High Definition|Taken By Cars

I unearthed this track coming from the days when I was an elementary student. Thanks to Internet, and Pedicab's Facebook page, I was brought into another great local act. Their mix of shoegaze(that genre of alternative rock that I can simply describe as making creative sounds/noises out of guitars and the effects pedals) and electronic music is worth listening.

The guitars are notable, with a pinch of synths.

And you wouldn't realize more and more, until you hear this, that girls' vocals in rock bands do rock. The vocals here sounds similar to the vocals from an 80s band, Romeo Void.

Recommended: This Is Our City (here, no more comparison to Romeo Void. This one's better!)

79. "Ayos lang. Sa susunod na lang" (It's fine. Next time.)

I'm sorry I cannot give the actual song. But I listened to this live version first before I could ever hear it right from the album.

La Liga Filipina|Pedicab

Pedicab doesn't stop making dance-able, funky and electrifying sounds.

Their latest album, or let's say EP(extended play), entitled Kaya Mo Mag Sando?, which I have as the first CD I've ever bought and owned, brings in fresh tunes coming up from a bass synthesizer, a brilliant play of guitar, drums with a great drummer hitting it, additional effects varying from radio samples and whooshes, and a vocal ranging from spoken word to rap.

And in my own opinion, I find the album well-mixed.

Again, I laud the colorful titles artists label in their songs. In this track, it feels like something historical, and obviously native.

Nonetheless, some of its lyrics make me feel the way I felt at school then.

Though I lost, I could hopefully do better next time.

78. "Cool kids never have the time"

1979|Smashing Pumpkins

This was discovered from searching through music info at Wikipedia.

The notable thing here is that it used samples and loops in the beginning—something that a 90s rock band like Smashing Pumpkins seemingly won't do.

But I like the song as a whole because it's not much gritty but still rocks so well. I could ride in to the chords, and the additional sounds, and the sing-able vocals.

I searched through people's interpretations of this song, and I agree with them. They all direct towards people like me, teenagers. I think it is better if I leave you with these comments I found at Song Meanings:

"I think this song is directed towards teenagers. In most schools, there are endless amounts of groups and cliques...And there's always that one group that doesn't exactly have a classification...They realize this, of course, but they don't care. That's what makes them the most valuable people in this age group: the fact that their image doesn't bother them."—dsrm_smile 
"1979 was the year the last of the babyboomers graduated from highschool. In 1979 if you made it or failed in life it was on you...When you have to fend for yourself, you get selfish and disenchanted. This song is not about teenagers rebelling...It is about kids being regarded as having responsibility at an age when they must accept it, but they are facing the future by themselves."—USMClawyer

77. "You're away, so far away... "

Keeping The Avenues Open|Moscow Olympics

Does this sound foreign to you?

Actually, it's from here. It's another independent local act, and another shoegaze track.

It begins with a simple beat that I guess was made through a drum machine. Then, these guitars come in, crashes through your ears, and seemingly envelopes you into a bluish or purplish cloud or cityscape.

The vocals will step in soon, and serenades in soft words that you'll rarely hear. It makes me think that he speaks somehow in a lonely way. That's a characteristic of shoegaze.

"Keeping The Avenues Open", which is a remodeled version of their past song, "To Keep The Avenues Open", helped me appreciate guitars more, and the effects they make by stepping on the pedals.

Another thing, the mood I felt in this song somehow equates to my mood in my complex and twisted school life.

A good beginning, then a dramatic end. That's a nice way to create and compose a song.

It is interesting that the name of the band comes from a worldwide 80's event—the 1980 Summer Olympics held at Moscow at the former Soviet Union. Their name's so attractive. I haven't expected a band name as cool as Moscow Olympics.

However, the band's not active as of this moment. And you wouldn't see a copy of their nice album—with a person in a study table as their cover—anywhere. I hope someday they'll come out and get more people listening to them.

76. "But I used to be free"

Black Chandelier|Biffy Clyro

This came out of the radio, on Jam 88.3, as a fresh hit, a song that aired on the station for the first time.

"Black Chandelier" has impressive lyrics, a remarkable intro (drip,drip,drip,drip), and a banging noise of guitars in the bridge, like it's something metal.

And again, I felt connected to the words, as if it speaks of a separation from all your burdens, from all the demanding people, from all the humans you cannot get along with, from all the mess and failure you've gone into.

75. "You're drowning in her"


Now another homegrown track.

I heard of the rock band when I was still a little child. Not that I hear them all the time, but I always hear the name.

My attention was turned when I saw their newest album entitled This Is Not A Chicosci Record. With the help of cable, I encountered this song. The title is so cute: Raspberry:Girl. It is not read as a ratio, for your information.

After hearing the song, I gave a second thought to all the emerging music that I didn't like before. I thought before it's all emo and nothing at all, but no. This is still rock, whatever you call it.

And this stays true to the title of their album. The composition is suitably embellished with that sample from the start, and the trumpets in the middle. It wasn't obvious that they made it.

But all in all, it's something you can ride into, especially if you're spellbound or fallen. I'm not saying I am.

74. "Like stars burning holes right through the dark"

Sleepyhead|Passion Pit

This is the first song I've heard from the electro pop group, out of their first release entitled Chunk of Change. This came out as a suggested video on YouTube, and I clicked it. From the start, it's beautifully made.

It sounds good, anyway, with all that sampling and all the colorful keyboards and synthesizers. Head-popping. And it amazes me that that kind of "crying" voice would come out from a man. I like it.

Did you hear that from the start: "And everything's going to the beat"? It was nice to know it came from a recorded voice of Beat writer Jack Kerouac reading his poem entitled San Francisco Scene. He's one of the authors whose book, On The Road, I wish I could read and have soon.

73. "We're all having problems. And we all got something to say"

Carried Away|Passion Pit

And so we have a back to back for the first time!

I didn't stop at Sleepyhead. There are many songs from the band that I like, and I think they'll be shown in this ongoing chart soon. One is this, coming from their album, Gossamer.

It's really hard to interpret lyrics, but I can somehow relate to the lyrics, at the least in those words: "I get carried away, carried away from you."

Simple yet cool.

72. "In my mind I know it's hard but we're getting it through"

This one's another live version. I hope you're fine with it. The whole song won't start immediately, so please have patience. Thank you.

The Shot|Pedicab

This one also came out from the EP. Here the band takes a break from their funkyness, coming up with an indie-pop tune. However, the EP has no lyrics in it, so we all have to rely on Diego Mapa's vocals.

But with just the title, "The Shot", I can relate to it.

Because in some ways we give our shot, the best shots we can make. A shot for a good grade. A shot for an accomplishment. A shot for an approval. A shot for a win.

71. "What I'd do for a pretty face"

Reverend's Daughter|Typecast

Before, I wasn't much attentive to homegrown rock before, until I see songs like this on Myx. And I'm thankful I finally became open to more kinds of music.

This good amount of Pinoy rock is simply harmonious, and the lyrics is straight to the heart, direct to the point.

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For the next set, more indie acts will be heard, as well as local artists. I hope you aren't bored by this. Keep updated. Thanks! Take care.