Current Fears About Our Youth

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People often see the youth as bringers of a good future, and a good future does await for each and every youth; though sadly it isn't much accessible to some.

Young people are the ones who start to learn about life, both in and out of school. They also begin to see, experience, and learn different things. Yet, they are also exposed to the ruinous and mind-altering world in front of them.

I have fears about my generation, fears about my fellow youth including the ones nearest to me. Here they are:

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1. I fear that the youth will pose, and be exposed, on sexually explicit media.

Prostitution has just gone into print and video. The youth take off their dignity as much as something (or everything) is taken off them for the craving of maladjusted eyes, impure hearts, and defiled minds.

No matter how much celebrities say "Hindi naman masyadong bastos", it is still vulgar. However a female may be hailed for her figure—just to be lusted over by voyeurs—it's not only gross, but disrespectful.

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2. I fear that the youth will find happiness somewhere else, where they will usually find destruction there.

Remember the letter of Magda to Ernesto, created and rapped by Gloc9? His song and its video speaks for itself. Many are still fooled. Many still have the tendency to be fooled.

I'm afraid many are going places without knowing the places themselves. These places the youth are prone to go to not only includes what can be seen in Gloc9's song, but also what can be spotted around us—drugs, alcohol, tobacco. These aren't places of happiness, nor of fulfillment.

I suggest a place for the youth to go to: Jesus Christ.

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3. I fear that the youth will be exposed to things they should not know yet.

We may know enough, but not the full picture for now. We are often curious, but we shouldn't always feed that curiosity.

We tend to behave in inappropriate ways when we expose ourselves to things which we have to know, or touch, at the right time, but not at this young period.

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4. I fear that the youth will become early parents because of lack of knowledge, lack of discernment, lack of values, and lack of morality.

While the youth undergo a complex metamorphosis of themselves, they need to be aware of the responsibility they are starting to grasp, now that they're bursting with growth, emotions, and dreams.

Ignorance among the youth must not be tolerated. They need to learn to be careful of their actions and words, as well as prioritize what needs to be prioritized.

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5. I fear that capitalism will take the youth captive.

Advertisements, phones, gadgets, games: these are some examples of how the youth are taken captive. Enslaved to these materials of the modern world, being controlled by things rather than having control over them, they are deprived of productivity, hard work, and other values they should learn to uphold.

6. I fear that the youth will be supervain.

We are not just talking about "selfie, selfie, selfie, selfie". We also pertain to surgeries or any type of excess that show off vanity that kills. You might have seen an episode of My Strange Addiction (here's another) or a report on Inside Edition about what I'm talking about.

Youth, it's not bad to celebrate the beautiful (or handsome) on you, but please be content with that—of what God gave you since birth. Don't get too far.

Dear reader, especially the youth, if you're the type of person who thinks, then I don't have to fear about you. Still, many around there are stubborn, or careless.

I still raise my head up, nevertheless, for the youth who have prudence, heart, fear of God, and much more, faith in Christ.

How about you? What are your fears about our youth? I'm willing to read your replies. Kindly comment (try to find the place/link for comments, please) or tweet me @adrianconoza

Let's have a discourse, shall we?

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