S4Y#21: "Clair de Lune" | Claude Debussy

Fourth year opened me to classical music, from the lessons at the MAPEH textbooks to the broadcasts of 98.7 DZFE. I was introduced to many musicians and composers who made their mark in music, including Claude Debussy.

He made this piece; actually, a piece of another piece(called "piano suite"). It's a piece which I remember hearing in my younger days, playing from a Reader's Digest giveaway CD entitled Enchanting Moments, which I consider as a child as a compilation of very sad melodies.

Then, when I was a senior, aside from knowing Debussy in a textbook, I saw Google celebrating the musician's 151st birthday, with this dramatic tune, accompanied by a night-themed animation.

How wonderful classical music can depict moods and paint pictures (in our minds)—like a calm and lovely mood inspired by the moonlight in the middle of the night.

This is, I claim, the first classical piece I know and appreciate.

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