Into Classical and Jazz (2 Recommended Stations)

When before I've been into 80's music and present alternative music, now I've included 2 different genres. Thanks to 2 different radio stations I've been listening to recently.

98.7 DZFE : The Master's Touch

Last year, I started frequently listening to 98.7 DZFE, making it my background music while doing schoolwork, especially when I stayed wide-awake until dawn and when I took a week-long semestral break.

Before, I didn't listen much to classical. But with 98.7, I listen more and more. Before, I thought I wouldn't get to listen to this station, though I know it already as a child. Now, I got myself to listen. DZFE helped me to further appreciate this kind of music, as well as jazz (initially) and church music (e.g.: "A Mighty Fortress").

The difficult thing, I guess, is knowing the titles. Unlike modern music, you may listen and take note of the lyrics, then search it on the Net. In classical, you have to pay attention whenever an announcer speaks.

Not only do I hear classical music on DZFE, but also programs and segments that make it "The station that cares to uplift the inner man". DZFE, as a Bible precept station as well, delivers engaging Christian programming. Some of those that I've been listening to often are Listen To The Bible, A Different Perspective, Just Thinking with Ravi Zacharias, and Pure Sex Radio.

It's good to know such a service still exists in a mass-market-dominated frequency modulation (FM). Not only does Far East Broadcasting Company(FEBC), the broadcaster of DZFE, serves us with this so-called "music of the mind", but also "food for the soul".

ABC Jazz

From the local airwaves, we go to Australia's digital vibrations.

It's so interesting that I found a station like ABC Jazz, one of the many broadcast services made possible by the government (again: the government).

By the way, aside from United Kingdom's BBC, Australian Broadcasting Company is another pioneer in radio. They broadcast various material, including classical and modern music; even a station presenting their local music in a large scale, "unearthing" local talent and then sharing them 24/7. Now that's something innovative and great!

ABC Jazz presents jazz further and deeper than the jazz I'm hearing at 105.1 Crossover. Because of the station, my interest in jazz flicked and flamed brighter.

An interesting feature in ABC Jazz is when you listen online, you get to know the song actually playing on air. They have a window for the stream of the station, sharing what was just played, what is currently playing, and what plays next.

I recommend these stations not only for those who like these types of sounds, but also those who like to dwell into new music, though not necessarily new.

I salute these 2 services for keeping their music, and radio, alive. First, the FEBC here in the Philippines, for being the only Philippine station bringing classical music since the 50's, as well as staying committed to bring "Christ to the world by radio". And then the Australian government: good thing your funds go to appreciative use.

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