S4Y#12: "Get Lucky" | Daft Punk

The robots-in-public were back with Random Access Memories, including its main single, "Get Lucky".

Daft Punk has done something new, something different from what they did in the past albums, where beats and synths and vocoder-sounds were linked to house and electronic.

Here, they were making a throwback to past sounds. For the first time, the duo were doing drums and guitar. Still, they included some electro.

They even collaborated with many artists for the album, and here in this single they worked with singer Pharell Williams(Happyyy...) and guitarist Nile Rodgers(of the 70's band Chic:"Ahhhhh...Freak out!").

There's even a joke regarding the line "We're up all night to get lucky": isn't that what students do often?

Here's one amazing performance of "Get Lucky", where Stevie Wonder joined them:

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