Song of Fourth Year #1: "It's Oh So Quiet" | Bjork

Last summer, I did a series of songs that were in the playlist of my third year high school. Now, I bring the series back, featuring the songs that made its way while I went through my final year of high school.

As regularly as possible, I'll share these songs from different genres and different times. I'll make a different approach as well: one song per post, and no counting down. I'll shorten the long title as well in the next posts—S4Y.

And so we'll start with this song from Bjork in 1995.

"It's Oh So Quiet" is originally a 1948 German song, so this is a cover of an English cover.

I heard and saw this music video on cable, and I finally found out who Bjork is (she's also pretty there).

Let me give my own interpretation. The music starts calm, like a ballet, until it breaks into a "big band" sound. Suddenly, the cute and still vocals of Bjork shifts to screams of excitement—"of falling in love." It goes on like a sine curve—calm, then excited, then calm, then again excited. Yet, it never tires itself out. As classic as the original cover, reminiscent of the jazzy 50's and 60's sound that I like; but Bjork's version is much stronger and wonderfully developed.

Another interpretation, if you may. Life seemed to be just alright, until different things show up and make you thrilled, electrified, surprised, overjoyed, and sometimes disturbed and out-of-control. And often that's because of limerence.

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