Talk TV Transforms

A news boomed on the television last Wednesday morning while I tuned in.

Talk TV is going to change to inform and inspire this October 30.

What do I mean?

Talk TV, another cable channel of Solar Network, will go forward as a news channel.

Talk TV, launched after ETC moved to RPN 9, emphasizes on talk, with a line-up of talk shows and news programs, getting programs like Today, Inside Edition, and Dateline from its sister channels like 2nd Avenue. More programs were added as the channel evolved, being watched and patronized after its soft launch. There's The Talk, then Anderson(which became Anderson Live), then Undercover Boss(an inspiring program).

Then this: as planned and intended, Solar, being an entertainment and sports provider on TV, started on a new venture—news.

Sources told it before, and I finally saw it.

Solar's news service started on Talk TV with the coverage of the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, recruiting veteran journalists like Jing Magsaysay and Pia Hontiveros and reporters I knew from RPN 9(Hmm...Do they intend to have RPN?I suggest them to have it!). Right from those moments, I sense Solar News having a good future ahead as a credible news provider.

And after that impeachment trial, Solar News started broadcasting local newscasts on Talk TV. It all began with Solar Headlines, a brief but informative news break aired every hour...and every 15 minutes later on.

The channel evolved more as Solar News launched its primetime newscast, Solar Network News. Finally, Solar News as I expected it. Then suddenly came their own Nightly News, which I like the most among their news programs. And recently, a newscast in the morning (another favorite) which is different among other morning shows, and a fast-paced news on noontime. With this, Talk TV became a great mix of informative, noise-less news and lighthearted and interesting talk.

While viewing Talk TV before, I thought, what if this turned out to be a news channel? Talk TV is really intended to be a news channel. They started it first with talk shows and some current affairs. Then they cultivated it with Solar News. And now, they're getting closer to being completely the newest news channel on TV. Teasers were seen every now and then. Another one was released on Facebook. And as September 30 goes near, I'm excited with this something new.

I think, after watching this channel grow, Talk TV—which I feel is an experiment—is ready to become Solar's news channel. A news channel with a mix of news and talk, of current events and human interest, though we don't know yet if there'll be changes in programming.

I suppose it would be like Sky News in UK as it broadcast CBS Evening News and 20/20 from the US. The difference is Talk TV is a broadcaster of more foreign news programs, now that it aired new shows like the well-known 60 Minutes and the famous car show Top Gear.

What I could expect from this channel, as we'll see it beginning this Tuesday, is that it would bring more news "you can use", especially breaking news, as soon as people need it, still in the way they do it—comprehensive, accurate, and fitting to everyone who is concerned on our world. And with that, they'll combine it with good programs and talk shows.

I hope it would turn out to be a better alternative.

I wish the best for this channel that aims inform and inspire.

The change would start on September 30 on Talk TV or...Just stay tuned.


"Hey, Mayor Bloomberg. I heard you took a shot at us in the Post. What's with all the swearin' like a sailor? Fleet Week is over. It's just music." — Howard Cogan of then Jack FM in New York, picking up on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's criticizing about WCBS's sudden change in format.

I haven't thought of another flip in Philippine radio.

They're doing it again.

I turned the radio one day on 99.5 MHz while doing schoolwork, and I was surprised to hear stingers of a new station. The tagline: "This radio station is under construction..."

After undergoing two reformats and going back on the air, 99.5 RT will change. The so-called "Rhythm of The City" will be replaced. Some of the programs were dismissed, including the famous The RT30. Some of the DJs, as my sources said, bid their goodbyes, but you can still hear other DJs on the air.You can still hear the name 99.5 RT, but it's already clear that the station is working on a new identity as the "Station for The New Generation", as the stingers promote.

I don't suppose this would be another masa station(meaning for the mass audience), as said by fellow netizens. And I don't believe they would become a masa station with tedious jokes and corny, green fanfare. Good thing, it was already confirmed it won't be.

Once again, the management decided on a reformat, the station's 4th reformat. This station makes the many reformats in Philippine radio history. Again, I think it's a problem of attracting advertisers, getting revenues(if that's what they call it), and even getting more listeners. But, I think there are many who patronize this station, which started its existence in the 70s, playing the latest hits to its audience ahead from other music stations, and still bringing the "Best Music on The Planet".

"99.5 RT became famous for playing the hits three months ahead of most other music stations because its programming philosophy did not pander to the masses nor cater to the lowest common denominator. It was more concerned with bringing the latest hits to the audience as soon as they were released by the artists."— Article from Wikipedia

It's surprising for me to know this, knowing—as an avid radio listener—that this station went on several changes, from 99.5 Hit FM to Campus 99.5. I thought that after the original was brought back, 99.5 RT would remain as it is, but then, I'll miss it.

RT has been on my ears always, aside from the defunct Campus 97.1 WLS-FM(now a masa station) as a young elementary child.

One time I listened to RT last year, I discovered electronic music band M83 with their song "Midnight City", and I instantly liked them.

Also, RT is my second choice for 80's music, tuning in to it on Saturdays for its 24K Weekend, especially for its New Wave Xtra. I'll miss that show (FYI: I like New Wave, that's why I like 80's music).But we don't know if they'll retain the oldies flavor on the new station.

I don't have a clear view of the new station yet, but what we could expect for now is a new sound on 99.5. I think it would cater to a younger demographic, just as they did on Hit 99.5. I also suppose it would be more of a CHR/Top 40 format, with more music to play and to be heard. But some suggest it could be more of an reiteration of NU 107, since they also played more modern rock and was therefore called as "The Drive". They predict the new station would be named "Play FM".

I then remember upon knowing this reformat a radio station in US that I stumbled upon on Wiki—WCBS 101.1. It plays classic hits, like our own RJ 100. It stayed for a long time, when suddenly it changed in 2005 as Jack FM with a wider playlist, playing what they want, as their slogan went. But their format failed, so they decided to bring back the original WCBS. The rest is history, being a hit station in New York to "people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s."

But it's different for RT. I don't know. I'll just miss how they beat the airwaves as the rhythm of the city, and I'll miss their good, old jingles. RT has been a legendary in radio. After two changes of format they went back, and again they'll leave.What's next? Whatever it would be, I hope it would be a good station to listen to, now that I like today's music more.

I just hope 99.5's cycle of reformat will stop to an ideal identity. But in this industry where tastes of music change, as well as demographics, we can't avoid station changes for the sake of getting various audiences hooked, of getting us awakened to new sounds, and—in turn—getting more profits.

But I won't be surprised if one day they'll bring it back again.

Back with new posts!

After tiresome schoolwork and difficult turns of life, I'm finally back for this blog.

I'm back with new posts!

My reflection on my summer vacation continues with the second part of "So far..."

We'll go back in my second year life with a continuation of series of stories I've started with last year's "A Slap On My Face" with last 2 stories.

And finally, a special blog for a friend.

Thank you once again for dropping by, I hope you'll take time and read them all.

From My World To Yours

Author's Note: The following post was intended to be published by the day it was written. But because  I was busy and tired, it was just posted today. 

I haven't expected that I'll meet a person of grace and high spirits like you in this third-year life. I haven't thought that I'll have a close friend who is jolly and kind, and has lots of good vibes in her nerves.

I really don't know how will I begin this simple blog, but every now and then I'm planning to write my heart out for a friend like you.

You're one of a kind, truly. A lass who likes manga* a lot. An anime fan, or in their world, otaku. A clever student for years. A young girl who is pretty and nice, friendly and happy.

You're also a jack of all trades. You can dance with gladness. You can also sing well. You also speak English with eloquence. You act roles gracefully. And perhaps, I would see you someday with an electric guitar rocking with a band. You can be fit in almost anything.

What I admire in you is that you can be in good vibes with anyone. You have that ability to relate with anybody. Also, you never lose positive energy. It's evident in the way you shout your heart out and laugh out loud in every conversation you have with others and with me.

And now, for this special day for you, I just want to greet you a very happy birthday.

But first and foremost, to let you know, I'm sorry for those times when I had gone mad and bad at you. I'm sorry for imposing an unlikely attitude towards you. I'm sorry for making you lose your positive energy. For making you sad and crying. And thank you for forgiving me so.

Thank you for being a friend that you are to me. Thank you for considering me as your brother, your kuya in the class. Thank you for letting me know that even though I can't avoid being serious at times, I also have to be of good cheer and live the light stay happy and be grateful.

For another year that God has given you in your life, I wish you more blessings in your personal life and in your family, as well as a better future ahead. I hope you'll continue to enjoy life as it is as you enjoy it today, no matter how challenging it is. Do continue to work hard on your studies and never forget to trust in Him. Go for your dreams, my friend. Stay happy. Stay young.

And before I forget, may you always remember that you have a classmate, a friend, a brother here to chat and laugh with. A person you can talk to for help.

A friend you call as kaichou.

Happy Birthday.

*Manga(man-ga) is a Japanese term for comics.

Such A Loss (Last part of the series)

After several hours of closing my eyes to sleep that afternoon, I reviewed on 3 remaining subjects for me to take on Friday. Those three were English, Geometry—another major subject this second year, and the very tough of them all—Social Studies.

I needed to review lots and lots of information on that subject. It's like carrying and storing on your mind 3 or more books as big as almanacs, dictionaries, or those books from Preston and McGraw-Hill.

Yet, it seemed that I reviewed those things fast, I think. I took them fast, assuming and looking forward to pass them all.

I geared myself up the next day for this final day of examinations. I really did pushed myself through reviewing SocStud(It shouldn't be SocSci) and keeping those lessons inserted and refrigerated on my mind for future use.

While I worked on it, I began to take the first test.

As a youth engaged to literature and writing, I appreciate English. For the second quarter, we recalled pronouns and the manner of using it. I answered the test fairly well. I filled each blanks, encircled words, and underlined pronouns as correctly as possible. After checking my answers, I passed the gray-colored test paper, with optimism that I would pass that test. Then, I went on studying for the "quarter-pound" Soc. Stud.

After those reviews all by myself, I decided to discuss such chunks of knowledge with my classmates. I helped myself to fill my mind with those facts that I needed to have a very nice mark on my next exam.

After that review outside the classroom, the teacher called us to get inside the room. We used the remaining time reviewing up until the time when the papers were facing us students.

At some moment, I thoughtlessly counted down the seconds on the clock before the long hand rose up to number 12. And because of that, my classmates who were near to where I sat spoke up to stop my counting down. So I stopped.

And upon that happening, my mind popped up! It seemed that the storage had to release some bits and pieces that I've taken while reviewing.

No, not all was popped away. It looked like those stacked knowledge went from its boundaries to scatter themselves all around my persistent and compressed mind.

We were about to face the hardcore test. The papers were ready, just like meals served on a dish covered with a semi-sphere cover. As each of us reached for the papers, we skimmed at its contents

As I skimmed it, I was overwhelmed! My mind was all stirred up!

To the ordinary man that would be "so tough!" To the girls, that would be "OMG!" For the sosy, it would be "omigosh!" But for me, simply, it's hard! I wonder why after many reviews, after many hours of study, I still can hardly answer the test.

I pushed myself and my mind through answering each blanks of the exam, avoiding erasures, for having erasures would make my answers unaccepted.

Minutes passed by, and pressure came along. I really had such a big mental block. I really lost a good game. I had an awful fate. But, what could I do? It's not easy at all!

Two students were only remaining, who were not passing their papers yet. That included myself.

Even though I can't easily answer the test, I didn't give up. I took the time that I had to recall what I could recall as long as I could give answers.

I asked my seatmate if she's finished. She said she's not.

And as I could perceive, she's more persistent than I. We were the last ones to pass our own papers.

Upon passing the two-page test paper, I wondered why things should go like that. I thought about them all, seemingly hopeless for what will happen next.

After another recess, we took the very last of our exams. We had Geometry as our last exam for the day. It may be easy, once again, to review and read. However, being careful and critical-minded is important. Also, you should always be accurate in answers and computations, and you should always have common sense, of course. I did make sure that I'm doing them all.

I endeavored through having a passing grade on that exam. After many minutes of thinking and computing, I passed my paper with enough hopes for a good grade.

After a long and though test, I and my classmates had a sigh of relief at last. We could now cool ourselves down after taking exams and encountering mental blocks. Therefore, many of us, including yours truly, preferred for another getaway at SM(Shoe Mart) Mall at our vicinity in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

You see, how weeks could be tough for a teenager like me. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes the results are unsatisfactory. But as long as you prepare yourself, do your best, and work hard even though it means burning a midnight oil, you'll get what you deserve, as God wills. And of course with that, you'll be given a break.

And so it goes.

A Downfall and An Uplift (Part 3 of the series)

I had a post last year entitled "A Slap On My Face", where I shared my reflections on a Biology class. It was followed by "Chaoses On My Day", where I wrote about the first day of our second quarterly test the next day. Both of the posts turned out to be a series of stories of a struggling week I had then. Therefore, I wrote 2 posts to follow up these two, but unfortunately I neglected publishing them. But now, having the chance, since it's semestral break, I'm going to share to you those posts, but I'll advise you to read the mentioned posts first.

Without further ado, here's the first one.

"1 down...2 to go." One of my classmates said that on her post on our Facebook group page. We all had to face 2 more days of examinations.

I had a quiet, focused and faithful review for our Thursday's set of tests. I did what I could do to prepare myself for those tests..

I reached school earlier than Wednesday...It was quiet, since we are only few yet inside the classroom. The volume in our simple room would increase as more classmates went inside and bade their "hi", except for some, just like me.

Nevertheless, I had a smooth review of our own language—Filipino. It was a nice start. It was a good review of notes at last!

Then, there it was. The examinations. The teacher with a cap went to our room. He had the papers, and he passed it on by row. We held on our papers, and we held on our pens. We started answering.

We went on. We answered our own papers well. That was a good start again. But of course, we thought of our answers making it sure that they're correct. Besides, it's our mother tongue that we're all answering about.

We all waited for the "pass-your-papers" signal. 

After we passed our papers, we went on reviewing for one major test—Bio. I had noticed lately that I could review before we begin.

As the proctor told us, we closed all our notes and books. We all gripped on the hope we had for a good score.

When I take tests, I always have this rule: take your time. I always do it. But I'm also trying to make the most out of my time..For me, doing it on this major subject test is important.

We all started answering on our Biology test.

I found some questions hard to answer. It seemed that I missed some things. I left them blank first.

I went on my paper. I skipped questions, then I went back to answer them. Sadly, I haven't answered them all. You know, that feeling when I can't put any answer on that blank or encircle a letter of the correct answer. It's not easy..

As the signal was lifted up to pass our papers, I ended up leaving items and a part of the test unanswered. I left most of the blanks unfilled. I then concluded that a different person on the desk means a different kind of exams. Definitely. Those shortcomings, those blocks, weighed me down. It was a sudden downfall.

The class of Linnaeus took a 30-minute break. Some of us went, as usual, to the canteen. Some, including myself, just stayed at our room to eat and review. We prepared ourselves for another seemingly tough test...Drafting. We reviewed on our notes and on our handouts. We looked forward to remember all that we needed to remember and to answer the test very well. Here, we need to be exact, and we have to keep the paper as clean as a breeze.

It was 9:30 A.M. And we're back on our seats. The papers were ahead of us. They're now ready to be written and encircled. We began answering. But here, we did it carefully and gently

We did our best to answer the exam as neat as possible, following the directions and warnings of the test: ALL CAPS, erasure enclosed in parentheses as the only accepted erasure.

After at least 1 hour, it's time. We're all finished. And as the proctor desired, we exchanged our papers with our seatmates and checked each other's papers. We said the questions, he'll give the answers. Still, we asked if such answers were acceptable, and he handled them all.

After the checking, each of us knew our scores. The good news came to this kid. Thank God! I've got a very nice score at last! And it would be added when we were blessed to check the papers of our fellow sophomores.

We checked, and checked, and checked. Some of us asked the proctor on the desk regarding the answers of those we were checking.

I went on, making sure that the papers were checked correctly.

The points to be added were 5 points. Then, we're so lucky that the proctor added another 1 point for it. Therefore, it was an equivalent of 10 points(4 for naming the persons around my seat, and 6 points for the privilege of checking) to be added on our actual score. However, I've just thought it was all entirely 10 points. I was slow at that moment.

All in all, there was a shortcoming, but there was also an improvement. There was a lost, but a gain came back. I was left with something to rejoice about, but also with something to doubt about. I thanked, and hoped.

(To be continued)

So far... (Part 2)

Author's Note: The post was written before classes started. Due to lack of time, it was posted lately.


The Buggles, featuring Trevor Horn(right)
and Geoff Downes(left). Famous for 

"Video Killed The Radio Star"
A part of this summer leave were simple days in the four corners of the house, in the pages of books, and in front of the TV and computer, No, not playing online games of fantasy or war that many adolescents get absorbed to. But I spent those times discovering new music, reading opinion articles, stumbling upon different things, and of course, blogging.

I went back to my bookmarked tracks from The Buggles, and I searched for their other songs.

Yellow Magic Orchestra, a pioneer 
electronic band in Japan. "Firecracker"
is their first single.
I also uncovered the electronic band from Japan, Yellow Magic
Orchestra, and I liked them and their compositions very much.

I also listened to OPM bands like Daydream Cycle and Techy Romantics, both also specializing in synths, beats, riffs and loops.

All of them are great in their music. They serve as inspirations for me to create music someday...electronic music.

In addition, I read opinion articles on and I came to realize
that it wasn't bad ( I really like to read newspapers in print in the first place and I still prefer reading them that way, in fresh press paper), just make the brightness of the monitor suitable and not too bright. I started reading "Pinoy Kasi" by Michael Tan more often, as well as the column "Looking Back" from Ambeth Ocampo. Nevertheless, I still continued patronizing and waiting for every column of "Young Blood".

I also played Boggle and Scrabble online in preparation for some game with other fellow churches ( I only played Scrabble for the game). I got back to playing these games that I've forgotten and neglected for a long time. Now, I want to play them more, especially Scrabble, but I want to play it one time with real tiles and with friends.

Nevertheless, I admit that sometimes cyberspace strikes boredom on me.

Stacks of books

One of my goals this passed summer was to read many books. And throughout my summer, I finished some books that were in my stack of books.

Here's the reading list:
  • The Myrmidon Project by Chuck Scarborough and William Murray
  • A biography of Eric Lidell, the runner turned missionary
  • Time Machine:World War II Code Breaker, an adventure/game-like book taking you back to World War II
  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and 3/4 by Sue Townsend
  • 2 books from The Cat Who... series namely The Cat Who Played Brahms and The Cat Who Went Underground written by Lillian Jackson Brown
  • Idoru by William Gibson
  • Then Again Maybe I Won't by Judy Blume
  • A collection of comic strip from B.C. by Johnny Hart, and 
  • Short stories from anthologies Emperor of the Air by Etahn Canin and Tangents by Greg Bear.
I also started The Day I Became An Autodidact by Kendall Hailey, Insomnia by Stephen King, and Fools by Pat Cadigan. However, I still didn't finish the earlier two yet, while I discontinued reading Fools to lessen my reading list and focus on other books.

And now, I continue reading Crimson Joy by Robert B. Parker

Did I enjoy this summer leave?

After all these getaways and strolling, after those episodes of Adventure Time and Everybody Loves Raymond, after those stories I read in books, after those adventures of Jim Qwilleran, after the virtual realities of Idoru, after a marathon of Word of The Lourd, after many books bought at affordable prices, after all of these summer leave, did I enjoy it?

Before that, there are such "should haves". I should have read more. I should have learned more. I should have got along more...But all in all, I could say that even at the least I enjoyed this rest and refreshment the long vacation gave me.

I have envied others, thinking they have better ways of spending vacation, knowing they have more savings...

But then I think as I wrote these happenings that I should be happy and thankful that I had this long enough time after the tiring and challenging second year to relax and revive.

I enjoyed it in my own way.

Sooner, I would welcome myself to third year. I think and feel it would be a more challenging, more busying journey since there's Physics, Chemistry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, World History, etc...I think that as it is an upgraded experience, it would be a long and struggling school year, but with God's help, I could do it.

In fact, I'm even excited.

I'm ready.