'Til Then (to Christmas season)

'Til then, Christmas, I will miss your joy
I'm glad for the Season, I had some rest
'Til then, Christmas, I wait like a boy
Back to normal, work hard, be put to test

'Til then, Christmas, thanks for the joy of giving
I've learned the value of the period, the Reason for the Season
The togetherness of family, the union and sharing
This time of the year is done, and time goes on

'Til then, Christmas, I'll miss the TV shows
The books and stories, good channels and programs
Insights, encounters, and reflections that glow
The great break that I had

'Til then, Christmas, your spirit may enliven
Even if it's not your time, may your soul sparkle
Kindness, generosity, goodness you have lent
'Til then, let your stars twinkle

'Til then, Christmas, the lights have to go out
The music of your days go back to shelf
Your comfort and gentleness have stood out
Christmas that's meaningful, that I felt

'Til then, Christmas, I move on with life
Through light and darkness, in the Reason I stand
He that was born, crucified, and brought back to life
Thanks for the memorial, telling me He loves all, and my life is in His hands


Toast (to year 2014)

To the fourteenth year of the new millennium
To the days that will pass very soon

To a new beginning, another new beginning
as the bells of Big Ben banging, New York's ball down going

To a fresh start for those who survived
A revival from the storm they've come through alive

To the remaining pieces of fourth year high school
for once again in hardship I'll be glued

To the random problems we have to solve
where we won't use established formulas, where the answers are not Joules

To the road we have to take
It's not easy, but we'll endure and enjoy all throughout for God's sake

To each relationship, to our close connections
To those we love, and to those we'll meet as we go along

To the next 365 days of our lives
full of joys and blessings and ups and downs to mark the timeline

To the future that we do not know
and soon—as clocks tick and leaves fall—will unfold

To growth and flourishing, improvement and development
To productivity—its fulfillment we can get

To better things to come: failures to learn from and forget
To an enriched being: old vices disinfect!

To God's plan for us, plans that are good
Plans that bring hope. In Him we have stood

To His continuous presence, strength, and wisdom
for the months and weeks and hours to come

To a New Year, surging like wave
Bring forth as God wills, and He be praised.

12/29 & 31/13