Author's Note: Whoever might be offended by my post, apologies in advance.

Doing school works at very long hours makes me zapped at times.
Since I was a sophomore, my hours if work at my house extended; and my body had to go on hard times.I'll usually sleep at 2 a.m.,1 a.m, or at midnight (probably, the earliest of them). Every now and then, effort seems to be similar to staying late at night. But not every time I extend my working hours, I become productive or get good grades.

Even before I enjoy Christmas, I have to toil and exert effort.

Decenber15.Thursday. One day left before the Christmas party and before I can break myself free. I spent long hours doing a project. I made and painted cards, It took me 6 hours (starting at Wednesday) to do that. Patience and effort was kindly kept as I painted my drawings on the cards. I then slept for but a short while: at least 2-3 hours.

I continued doing that project at school. From the time I went inside, I refurnished and finished making those cards. It's not easy after all. I painted the cards, waited for them to dry, and took excess paint that might stick uncleanly at them. But before I could pass them, I made envelopes for them, with the help of my friends.

I have learned as I did these things that the project can be passed next year. But I didn't mind. I've done my effort enough. Will I suffer again at Christmas? Still, I will get some things done during the vacation. But for it to be added? Not at all. Besides, there was a possibility for a nice grade. However, I feel right from the start that the cards wouldn't be given a high grade.

Outside the classroom, the teacher is there. Together with some of my classmates, I passed the enveloped cards. The teacher is crowded with my classmates who seem to be close with that teacher.

At that time, my card is now being checked and judged.

Ali throughout the checking, I got grades that are not that good. I was surprised to see that the first numbers written there before the final grades were given are numbers that are to be subtracted from the final grades. Thanks to anyone who suggested those first numbers.

So what happened next?

Upon receiving those cards, I slowly and quietly went inside the classroom, gradually wondering, gradually reflecting, gradually frowning. Besides, every work deserves a grade appropriate to it. I'll just slowly accept it as the hours went by.

My classmates would say it's better if I made better cards and pass them on 2012.Yes. It would've been better to make a nicer card. But what could I do? I'm sick and tired of the many works that are burdened on me before I could sleep like a baby this yuletide season. I'm sick and tired of sleeping for 2-3 hours. I'm sick and tired. That's it!

I can now say that I'm contented enough that I'm already done at that project, even though my grades are low. At least, I've had effort, I haven't received a line of 7, and I won't need to replace it with repeating it. There's Science and Math. Why should I always burden myself at one subject?


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  2. So true, the one you wrote at the last part. Sophomore year is really growing on you. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP!

  3. Thanks!....Keep on reading The Teenage Dispatch!...You may follow it as well..


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