101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 7)

Today's music isn't all trash. There is still good music today...

And we're celebrating it here on this 10-part blog I titled as 101 Songs of My Third Year.

We're now on 4 more parts, starting with this one. We're going to know more bands that you might not know yet. But we'll also hear another Foster The People track.

And also we'll get to encounter another pop track you might have known recently. Plus, another local act to unfold as we count down from the fortieth to the thirty-first.

So why don't you try to listen to new sounds and know more artists?

Let's get to listening and reviewing these songs!

40. "Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore"

Little Talks|Of Monsters and Men

Commercials/teasers/promotions on TV helped me recognize new songs.

This one was a discovery from both cable and radio. I got my first taste of folk rock in this track. Powerful all around.

Little talks. Like small talk.

39. "An eye for an eye and an 'F' for a fight"

Houdini|Foster The People

FTP again! Pounding drum beats. Video-game sounds. Oozing synths. And that alternating sounds after the chorus. Plus a trumpet to play along with all of them!

Here's a live version that is also as energetic(and even more energetic) as the recorded version.

38. "You can stay where you are"

Dreamers|Savoir Adore

A very glowing song for the night. Combine those skipping and elevating guitars, those raising synths, and cute vocals; and a lullaby is resembled.

Right from the lyrics, it brings a sweet imagery of dreaming...and sleeping.

As if I dream a lot..I just sleep a lot, though not all the time.

Here's a live performance of the song.

37. "You shoot me down, but I won't fall"

Titanium|David Guetta featuring Sia

Now, house that has gone pop. Thanks to my former classmate and her cellphone, I found out this energetic composition from DJ David Guetta, blended with Sia's chants.

It has these empowering lyrics that became like a sort of an anthem for me, a firm shoutout that I won't let myself down and will keep myself strong (with God's grace), no matter how many physical and verbal "bullets" will hit me.

It was a declaration I made before: I Am Titanium.

36. "Even if we're six feet underground I know that we'll be safe and sound"

Safe and Sound|Capital Cities

Found this out while listening to a radio in a cellphone as I worked on school stuff.

This dynamic duo definitely makes dance-able, upbeat tunes, including this one. The music video even testifies to it.

It is somewhat a love song, and somehow an uplifting song. Just look into the words. Either it tells you whether that when there's a calamity we'll face and rise from it, or that on someone's hands, care, and love you'll be alright.

"Safe and Sound" is a groovy track anytime. And maybe everywhere.

I hope this one will be a song in the dance-themed video game called Just Dance.

35. "Is it real now. When two people become one"

Walking On A Dream|Empire of The Sun

This single from another duo, who always wear fantastic costumes, has a mark of the 80s. They sound like 80s synthpop duo The Buggles.

Meanwhile, "Walking On A Dream" is a mark of my third year. It has repeating and enchanting keyboard chords, and simple drum patterns (which reminds me of "Men In Black"), as well as good vocals that I can mimic(except for the chorus..haha!).

It's words are true to heart. We do have dreams, anyway. And we don't just dream them, we walk on them. It's like window shopping, since there are dreams that we hardly grasp near us. So "walking" on them is just fine with us...

This is a nice tune to mix in at prom.

34. "Fade away. So many of them may"

Fade Away|Electric Youth

I have known this duo/sweethearts who are largely influenced by the 80s music. I liked them right from when I've heard their cover version of an 80s disco-like song entitled "Faces" (this is the original, by the way).

They're very nice at imparting an 80s blend of synths, electric drums, and a sweet voice from Bronwyn the "voicegirl".

Sadly, I haven't found any lyrics on the Net. But anyway, "Fade Away" sounds like both rockin' rock and poppin' pop. It's not that corny, and I guess teens should take a hearing of this.

It would be great if it's also in Just Dance.

I thought before that they should release an album, since they're great in what they do. And now I'm glad to know that they're working on their debut album. I hope that album will be released here in the Philippines!

Recommended: The Best Thing (also encountered during third year)

33. "When the light is out, when the words have gone, let me be the one to try it on"

Lights Out, Words Gone|Bombay Bicycle Club

Have you ever felt that feeling when you're turned down or turned back? And do you hope that someday, when your friend is gloomy and away from his close friends and his joyfulness, you could be that person to be that "light" for him? This song recalls me of those things.

This one is a favorite! Aside from the catchy name of the British band, I like how the song was composed.

It is also nice of them to include a female voice in the name of Lucy Rose.

Both the notes and syllables are sweet and emotional.

This makes me think of my hope that I could help friends and cheer them up or even weep with them when times aren't going well with them.

This is also a good song to play at prom.

And I even want to make a cover of this (if I'm blessed with a band). If I just know how to play instruments!

Here are the live versions: at Reading Festival(adorned with brass!), and from Off The Avenue.

32. "Your life is your life gotta live like it's your life"

Life Is Life|Noah and The Whale

After settling the TV on 2nd Avenue one night, Live From Abbey Road was being aired. And there's a band performing a song I didn't know yet, and I found it nice, so I added it on my playlist. (By the way, the show is now on Jack TV)

The notable things here, for me, are the drums—or pads—at the beginning, and this typical vocals that is not much of a rocker or a high-pitched artist. It's just fine and it sounds perfectly well.

The harmony of the band is like a choir, especially at the bridge.

Furthermore, the title is attractive and real. Life is life. And we get to live it on our own unique ways.

Yet for me, following God's way is helpful and better.

31. "Kung pwede lang ulitin, ba’t 'di mo simulan"

Bago Mahuli Ang Lahat|Never The Strangers

Another OPM hit from an emerging band with some cool and powerful music to bring out. They're currently known for being featured in a Valentine commercial of Close Up, with their song "Moving Closer"

Remarkable piano sounds, clouded by simple beats, guitars, and of course the powerful voice of Ace Libre.

It's a kind love song about chasing someone and telling what has to be said before it's all over. It's just awesome.

So what can you say? You can leave a comment, if you want to.

I hope you have discovered new music here...and like it.

For the next run of 101 Songs...We're finally down to 30 songs...Linkin Park and Passion Pit comes back...New ones to be featured are good-sounding bands like Stars, Keane, Death Cab for Cutie, and more...

So keep updated, if you want to.

Thanks for dropping by!

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