Hopes and Expectations

I'm only a few days away from school. May ended, June opened. And so classes will start.

I and fellow teenagers studying in public schools will be back to school.

Starting June 3, classrooms will open, teachers will teach, friends will meet each other, sections will start in their daily interaction with each other.....and money will be spent as well as saved. And that means chances to buy books and CDs, and also to treat friends!

Wow! I thank God for being where I am right now...One year to finish, and I'll graduate from high school. In my first year as a high school student, I'm such a young guy in my humble beginnings. Then, as next school years passed, I grew up with more friends, more lessons learned, and more sides of life experienced. Now I'm the senior. One of the “big” ones.

But before I jump to the bottom of the castle's flag and succeed, I have to face that one year..The following 10 months, the final months to mold me, train me, even refine me and help me grow while I'm still a high school student. The final months to enjoy what high school brings—interacting with other people, strolling at the mall, accomplishing things, even subject-themed contests and the promenade.

I don't know what tomorrow brings, but I have some expectations as well as hopes.

This upcoming school year, there are more things to learn, from Advanced Physics to Calculus, from Noli's sequel to stories of mythology. But as usual, schoolwork will come up.

Therefore, I'll be expecting more challenges to face, more storms to endure, even more burdens and more pains to go through. With that, I'm looking forward again to work overtime at school, be wide awake in the wee hours of the night—when I should be sleeping, and—of course—become tired and lethargic.

I believe high school is no easy road.

But, if I survived the challenging yet joyous 2nd year, and even the more challenging and nerve-wrecking 3rd year, I have faith in the Lord that He will carry me through this one last year, and that my high school era will end on a good note.

But what do I mean with “good note”? For me, it means that I'll succeed in every quarter of the year with good grades, that I'll successfully finish the race. But mostly, it means being in a section where I'll get along with my classmates, and also where unity is not occasional.

That good note means that I'm happy with my classmates, laughing with them, helping them when they need it, doing assignments or projects together, reviewing with them, and enjoying their company while we glance at books on Booksale and play at Quantum arcade.

For short, I'm hoping that I'll accomplish high school with a smile.

Let me tell you this story. I had a hope before that when I'm already in fourth year, I'll be in a section that I'll enjoy—like Linnaeus(nothing compares to it, for real). And while I'm still in third year, I perceived and hoped that it would be at a section named Ampere.

I hoped, after all the hardships and pain I got into at the last school year, that I'll meet my close friends, all of them together in one section. I hoped that I'll get close to them again, that I'll finally try and do my best to be kind to them, to befriend them, to know them more and get closer to them as well.

But then, it didn't happen.

Things did really change for fourth year. The students of every section aren't picked anymore by their general average(or grades). The sections appear to be equal (I really hope so). And because of this, I'm placed in a section that made me realize that things did change.

My friend chatted me one night. He found out from another friend that I'm not placed at Ampere. For a short time, I felt that feeling when you hoped for something and then it won't be realized. I became dispirited shortly. I'm so crazy, I thought.

But I believed it shouldn't be that way. I still had hope in the Lord that He will put me into a class that He knows will be best for me.

Moreover, something brought a smile that night. I already knew I won't have my friend anymore as a classmate. Yet I'm thankful for this guy, who had been my classmate for a year, that he told me he still considers me as his brother-like friend. It's good to know that though we won't be as close as classmates, we're still friends.

After a long wait and a tiring search of what my section is, I finally knew it. I'm now placed at a section called Hertz.

Hertz, I thought, wow...It would be different...

I felt then that my 4th year, being in a section I didn't expect I'll be dropped in, will be different.

At Hertz, I saw past classmates, and mostly new ones. I felt again what we call as "out of place". But I still have hope.

I hope I'll get along with them. I wish I'll have a good 4th year with these fellow teenagers, in good times and in bad times, in joy and in pain, in getting in and in letting go. May I appreciate knowing them, helping them, and having a lot of time with them, be it in projects, or practices, or strolling at SM.

This 4th year will be a new ride, a new level. I'll get to know new people, encounter new teachers, learn new lessons...But one thing's for sure: something better is waiting.

And as I forget the past failures and pains and remember the lessons, and as I look forward to a blessed school year, I hope in the Lord. I trust in Him that I'll finish high school on a good note. I hope you too will trust your school life to Him.
 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."—Matthew 6:34
 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." —Romans 8:28

And since I'll get busy again at school, this might mean I won't be able to post on this blog as frequent as I had been in my past posts. But when time permits, I'll hopefully get into posting.

Thank you so much for reading!

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