101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 2)

The countdown continues. On this post, electronica and rock continues to capture my attention and enter my ears. But most of them are discoveries from TV and radio.

I hope you'll enjoy the songs from number 90 to 81. Why don't you try listening to them? Here they are.

90. "Sharp memory talks. I hear around the room."


I discovered this track from The Late Show With David Letterman. I stumbled upon this electronica trio, and watched their performance at the show, and found another nice song to insert in my playlist.

I like the drumbeat here, which marks their being influenced by a genre called afrobeat. And as an avid listener of electronic music, I like the layers of synths and loops, from beginning to end. The vocals, which also has its own layers, complement those beats and synths.

Aside from that, the title is somewhat striking. Small talk is now a part of everyday communication. It is somewhat a bridge, a small bridge, something to pass time.

Nevertheless, it could be nice, because at least we have these little conversations. We don't get along with some people for long. However, for me, I still appreciate longer conversations more often.

I think this would make a good cover version.

Recommended songs: Bad Insect and Static Light

89. "But I just can't have you"

Stray Hearts|Green Day

There's this song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", which I realized only at this age that Green Day sang it.

And here they are once again with one of the songs I usually hear on Jam 88.3. I went on with 3rd year listening to this guitar-jangling, drum-rolling, and vocals which speak of romantically melancholic words.

Heard it on the radio. Heard it while heading to prom. Heard it even while I'm working without sleeping.

88. "Whatever tomorrow brings. I'll be there with open arms and open eyes"


Ok. Another Incubus song here. I've only heard this on a radio stinger(those sounds they insert between songs in promotion of a station).

Simply, this song is good to hear when you doubt or fear about tomorrow. I even want to mimic the vocals. I can't, though, and it's fine with me. It is lyrically complete.

Tomorrow will worry about itself. So I just have to trust in the Lord, whatever may happen next.

87. 'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass" 

Castle of Glass|Linkin Park

Like a glass, life goes fragile. We just tend to make mistakes and fail.

The people of Linkin Park did it again with their third single out of the album Living Things.

The song is dynamically structured. It made me feel the electronic rock here. The band makes good ballads aside from rock sounds, although here both sounds are present.

The song was touching when I heard it for the first time. Yeah, we falter sometimes, but we still get up. We still desire to start again.

86. "There's a time and a place to die but this ain't it"


I just took notice of Paramore when I heard this single from their self-titled album. Their vocalist doesn't bring us down with her powerful vocals.

This is a kind of rock teenagers could put their ears into, while it sounds like a call for freedom and expression of demand.

85. "I got a love that keeps me waiting"

Lonely Boy|The Black Keys

Rock still rocks with this track from this year's Grammy award winner for Best Rock AlbumThe Black Keys. I just heard this too from a radio stinger.

This song, which won Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song at the music awards, is compelling that anyone can dance into.

The keyboards/organ sounds like classic rock. Well, this does wholly sound like classic rock.

The one event I remember about this is hearing it on dear radio while gearing up for prom. However, I reached its last parts.

It could serve as a spellbound person's LSS.

Recommendation: Gold on The Ceiling

84. "And when I dream, it’s not of you"

When I Dream|Ra Ra Riot

Let's now slow it down.

American indie rock band Ra Ra Riot sets aside their baroque pop sound as they move ahead to a new persona in the form of electronica. They recently released a new album entitled Beta Love, wherein the song "When I Dream" is included.

The album is influenced by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil and sci-fi author William Gibson, which is one of the authors that I like since becoming interested in books during second year. It surprised me when I knew of it.

Like "Stray Hearts", this is one of the songs I get used to hearing on Jam. A mix of synthetic and acoustic is a good blend with a male high-pitched vocals.

Recommended songs: Beta Love and Dance with Me

83. "Now don't you understand That I'm never changing who I am?"

It's Time|Imagine Dragons

This is the first song I've heard from the band. I haven't heard it from the movie adaptation of Perks of Being A Wallflower, since I prefer to read the original books before watching their movie versions. I just saw it on Myx, and I found it nice from time to time.

Imagine Dragons tells us again of encouraging words. I find this song as a declaration, a firm statement of being myself. That I shouldn't and won't change who I am because of the society that encircles me as a student. That I'll remain the Adrian that I am as I go through different phases of life. I am myself, and just accept me that way.

82. "For He is the saving grace of the Galaxies"

Galaxies|Owl City

Most of you recognize Owl City with songs like "Fireflies" and "Vanilla Twilight" and "Good Time" (with Carly Rae Jepsen). But this song is remarkable.

I commend him for his use of his type of music, which is electronica, to glorify God.

"Galaxies" is somewhat a framework of what happened on January 28,1986, when Space Shuttle Challenger launched, then 73 seconds after liftoff(according to a source), exploded.

Nevertheless, I like to relate to its lyrics. If I would summarize my 3rd year life into a song, it would be this.

Life throws you many things, burdens, challenges, et cetera. Then you'll come to the point that you're lost, but it would be a lot smoother if you have God with you.

Just call Him. Believe and trust in Him. Let Him be your guide!

81. "A lazy Sunday afternoon. Can't get up from my coma."

Out Of My Mind|Techy Romantics

Techy Romantics is engaging to listen to. The cute vocals, the guitars and beats blend so well into chill tunes.

Sometimes I'm getting out of my mind, and chill music is a good way to relieve stress, to get yourself back on track.


In case you have just stumbled upon this for the first time, you can start at part 1 just under this post. 

More homegrown music will be heard on the the next part of this "chart". There's Pedicab, Taken By Cars, Chicosci, and the foreign electronic band Passion Pit. I hope you'll wait for it. Thanks!

I also hope you'll share this to your friends, especially your friends who are inclined to music. Take care!

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