Top 5 Tunes For The Elections

It's already elections. I'm not a voter yet, but I'm still concerned with what will come up after the votes are cast. I also look at the coverage of every TV network, together with their large sets and nice graphics. I have always been an avid TV observant.

But maybe this is the first time I felt that elections isn't much as hot as summer's heat(which was finally cooled down with the rain showers).

Nonetheless, I like the creative jingles and even found out some campaign ads laughable, but I hate it when things don't make sense and turn out to be unreasonable. Like those who reference their relatives to entice voters.

I thought of coming up with some music that can be related to elections. 

Here are the 5 tunes I've come up with.

5. Geiger Counter|Kraftwerk

Elections...Then why this sound? 

Elections involve counting, which sometimes tend to be troubling.

I just thought of counting while hearing this intro from Radio-Activity, a 70s album from a German electronic band Kraftwerk. 

"Geiger Counter" would possibly make you doubt if it's a track at all. That's really the thing in electronic music. If you're just open to it, you'll realize Kraftwerk's making a concept here(radioactivity and activity on radio), and I like it. You should better hear it together with the album's lead single, "Radioactivity". Good with a headset or earphones.

Back to elections, I told you that it sounds like counting, not just because it has "counter" in the title. Like that 1-minute-and-7-second sound, votes come and propagate. When 7am starts, votes will be cast on candidates. It would start at one single vote, but it would add and add and add. 

The problem is, are we really sure it would get faster, as fast as "Geiger Counter"?

4. Decimal|OMD

This is still regarding counting. The same with the track before. But now, the sound becomes more colorful. This filler from a recent album of a British synthpop band from the 80s really depicts telecommunications.

But for me, it sounds like the polls. Moreover, it images a fast-paced coverage of the event on every sorts of media, including social media.

TV networks will be busy, even through the hours when we're asleep. Internet will once again be filled with different information about the elections. Social media will work once again to get people connected to the news.

3. Dapat Tama|Gloc 9 and Denise Barbacena

This song's a bit catchy. GMA Network did it well with their "Dapat Tama" campaign.

It's really time for people to realize that they should vote the right and deserving ones. It's time for people to back off money for a sure vote. It's time for more of them to look at candidates and choose wisely. It's time for more of them to be smarter.

2. Pilipinas, Kailan Ka Gigising?|Rivermaya

When I thought of this elections, I thought of this awakening song from a recently reformed Rivermaya.

In my own opinion, it seems like this country has to wake up from all it's mess. I mean, we should not leave it all to the ones who lead the cities, towns, or provinces we are residing, nor to the ones who build this nation by making laws.

Citizens should get up from their laziness and strive hard. They should work hard. The congress, senate, and every branch of government will do their part..hopefully.

But we have to do our part too, not game shows, not even Bossing Vic or Willie Revillame.

This single from the famous band could serve as a reminder for everyone, including every registered voters. By every vote a decision is formed, and a government modified, and a nation built.

1. Kunwari|Gloc 9 and Kamikazee

And finally on the top spot is this another mix of rock and rap.

Gloc 9 is really a creative and smart poet. The words in this song, with the rock sound of Kamikazee is well-knit and thought-provoking. This is the first song that made me think about elections.

This tells of the usual image of politics in this country. There are still those who are good and clean ones, but mostly there are those who are making politics a circus.

It appears to us that politics in this country has gone corrupt. They make these promises, and when they are already voted, they just accumulate large money and don't do anything, or if they had done something, they had done less.

We shouldn't be fooled by those who just flavor themselves with perfumes of a well-heard name and of "porma".

If I seem to be judgmental here or overlooking things, I apologize. It's just my opinion. Anyway, I'm not a voter yet. And I like music, so I've come up with this. And at least I care.

"We have to build with every vote; we do not vote only when we have the perfect candidates."—Randy David, columnist.


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  1. Wow! Puro opm na medyo latest. Ang galing kasi nung 2nd year tayo I thought you're going to be stuck from the past but look at this one. Hehe, keep sharin'! :D

  2. I was blessed to listen to more of the latest, but you see I'm also discovering old ones. I find it good to have a listening ears for both old and new music, and I'm thankful for it.

    Thanks for your comment!


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