101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 4)

I'm here again for another run of 101 Songs. We have already counted 31 songs (if you want to start from part 1, here's a link), and we're now counting from 70 to 71, ranging from rock to electronic rock to dream pop to OPM.

So try to listen to the 10 following songs. I hope you'll like them.

70. "The fear has gripped me but here I go"


We're having another back to back here, now from a British indie rock band I've discovered on the radio, Alt-J(which is really the Greek alphabet delta).

Squeaky lead vocals, harmonized voices, pounding beats and gritty guitars. Though they sound odd, Alt-J makes smooth flows in their music.

69. "Blended by the lights"


While Breezeblocks is something smooth and cool, this one sounds more like rock.

They just don't sound odd at their songs, but even at their titles.

Nevertheless, their unusual sound is awesomely great.

68. "I'm breathing in the chemicals"

Radioactive|Imagine Dragons

This is one of the songs I like the most from their album Night Visions, especially that it is dubstep-influenced. Head-banging and heart-thumping.

This single also reminds me of the novel Z For Zachariah, whose character has survived a nuclear war.

With the jangling of acoustic and electric guitars, and the electronically-made wub-wubs, and the beating of   Dan Reynolds' bass drum, "Radioactive" re-imagines a shift of time when a widespread war—maybe nuclear war—goes on, and it brought out a wrecked environment and a redefined future.

67. "Turning away from the light"

Banquet|Bloc Party

The beginning and finale of this song could be heard before on every intro of Myx Daily Top 10, a weekday music chart show.

The effects and drumbeats on "Banquet" amazes me, especially the chorus. It's like, for me, it moves my feet to jump and jump and even dance.

And I like to learn the drum parts. It's like playing Drum Mania.

I like the melody more, never mind the words.

Recommended: Truth, Octopus, Flux

66. "Change it all but can't change what we've been"

Trojans|Atlas Genius

Radio still has its function. A frequently-played track on Jam 88.3 while I struggled at school, Trojans is another song I can ride into.

It sounds like a to-do list, but deep inside it's emotional while upbeat.

"Trojans in my head". Things that happened but can be forgotten. Matters that already had their own parts in us, but can still be ignored.

65. "They are crazy about romance and illusions"

Kim & Jessie|M83

We have finally reached one of the modern electronic/dream pop bands I like. M83.

M83 somehow takes us back to an atmospheric sound of the 80s, and that's true to their heavy influence on the decade's music. The album to which this song belongs has definitely took its roots from member Anthony Gonzalez's memories of the 80's, his teenage years.

This is a kind of song that makes me think that when it is played, there comes that moment of people saying "Awwwwwww....." It is something you can unexpectedly hear on the radio, and the mood will turn cozy and blue. It even sounds romantic, like something from an old school teenage romance movie.

But the lyrics projects through my thought. Since the song narrates of two people—Kim and Jessie, it makes me think of best friends. There were many during my third year.

And doesn't that sound true that even the best of friends have their own worlds where they understand each other and enjoy each other's company?

64. "So I'll wait for that revolving door"

In This Life|Bamboo

This OPM song struck my attention due to its lyrics. I can really relate to it. I can slip myself through its words and the emotions they convey.

You know, that feeling when you're going through tough points in life. Where you undergo multitudes of sufferings. Where doors are closed and you're looking forward for some door to open, not knowing what it would bring.

That's why I like this song so much. It reminds me to keep calm and be still.

63. "Or maybe we just need to start again"

Change Is Breaking Us Apart|The Dawn

This one's from another local artist, one of my favorites, The Dawn.

Simply, this song directs to me since it speaks of change. And sometimes change brings the unwanted among and between others. And that overwhelmed me.

I have liked the band before I was in second year. And here are some songs I recommend: Enveloped Ideas, I Stand With You, Tulad Ng Dati(Just Like Before)

62. "Nothing more than a distraction"

Your Silence Is The Villain|Your Imaginary Friends

Thanks to Internet and we've got cool sounds from local indie acts like this. This one combined a lot of musical noise, together with Ahmad Tanji's bittersweet words.

It sounded nice at the first time I heard it. Then, it sounded better for me along the way. Because it's true. Silence is sometimes a villain.

61. Deathless Gods|Tarsius

Because I like Pedicab, I also found out this project from the band's vocalist and the drums of a jazz rock band called Radioactive Sago Project—an electronic duo named Tarsius.

This one is the most known track from them. And from the first time I heard it, I enjoyed it. I finally have taken delight in the fact that electronic music now influences Filipinos like them. Great!

This is a dance-able tune in an urban-hyped way, and it somewhat brings, from the title, an imagery of fantasy or mythical stories, of something like Adventure Time.

It has also been featured in an indie film I really want to watch. Ang Nawawala(What Isn't There), which features more songs from local independent artists here in the country.

So...What can you say? Are you bored of all these lists I'm making, or are you finding it good? You can drop a comment.It's either it's already under this post, or you have to click the title above first, then find the box under this post..Got it?

These are some of the songs that I've heard then that I've liked, and there are more to come. For the next list, there'll be rap..then the typical indie..and another M83.

So if you want, stay updated. It would come out very soon. Thanks for reading...and listening!

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