101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 5)

There are many songs to listen, many artists to appreciate, many genres to discover. Music revolved around my third year, and still revolves around me. That's why I've come up with a list as long as this.

So let's continue the "chart". There's both homegrown and foreign. Rap and alternative rock. But still, there's electronica.

I now let you listen and discover, in case you might find new songs here.

60. "Hindi ko alam kung anong tumama sa 'kin" ("I didn't know what hit me")

Amats|Rico Blanco

I used to know Rico Blanco before as the frontman of one of Philippines' famous bands, Rivermaya.

Now that he has gone solo, I find him as one of the good-sounding guys in the music industry today. He recently went to electro with a festive flavor, which seems unusual for a man who usually plays guitar or whatsovever, just not any electronic stuff. It did surprise me that he turned out that way.

By the way, if you're confused if what "amats" means (as used in the song), it's a slang which describes someone who has been struck—mostly in a very deep degree—by a person. Meaning, deeply attracted to a particular person. It could also be defined as "got crazy".

Since I have heard the song and seen it's music video for a long time during third year, I found it nice to put it in here.

We cannot disagree that sometimes we're "struck" differently into others, and we felt weird about it.

59. "When I need a healing, I just look up the the ceiling. I see the sun coming down I know its all better now"

I Cry|Flo Rida

This one's remarkable. It has to be put on the list.

Right from the rapped words, it's relative to this person who had gone through all that mixed events. I may not really cry at those times, but inside I did. You get what I mean?

Even just a little, inside I grieved and somehow became fed up being "caught in the middle".

But then I didn't give up on the thought that things will get better, that another morning will come up.

All throughout the song I can nod and jump to the music.

Note: 1 cussword, lest you may be alarmed

58. "Hanggat ako’y humihinga. Sugod lang laban pa" (As long as I'm breathing. Just rush forward and fight")

Sige Lang|Quest

Good thing there are positive songs. That music to uplift you.

This one can greet you a good morning, as well as remind you of the good things life can bring. So just go on. Do things right. Keep on climbing. Forget the past but keep in mind its lessons. Keep moving.

We have God with us! He can carry you up in your trouble. He can help a lot! He will.

57. "I climbed the highest mountains. I swum the coldest seas" 

My Inner Ninja|Classified

Another frequently-played song on the radio. Another strong song. Another nice rap.

"My Inner Ninja" tells me every time of  how I can be like that person in the song. A determined person. A learned and learning person. A person who undergoes challenging trails and uneasy adventures. A person who survives, and can survive all that.

And I'm happy to inculcate that "inner ninja". May his power be used and unleashed soon.

56. "Because in the daylight anywhere feels like home"

Daylight|Matt and Kim

This one's radiantly engaging. A notable beginning. Harmonic voices. Blending beats.

Daylight. Like daybreak, or dawn. Shining bright on us cheerfully, whether we're in the same or opposite mood of it.

55. "I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this"

Closer Than This|St. Lucia

It amazed me from the first time I've heard it from the radio in a cellphone.

It's colorful, rhythmic, and beautiful.

And we have another truth here. We don't expect to be close, or closer, to people we don't much expect we'll get so close as if we're only an inch away from them.

It's such a kind song from the heart.

I like the acoustic version too.

54. "I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant. But nothing...can take away these blues"

Nothing Compares 2 U|Capital Cities

It's actually a cover of a song entitled "Nothing Compares 2U". But this sounds better.

It has this 80s flair like that of Kool and The Gang or El Debarge. This one is really wonderfully made. Another song I can dance to, again like Kool and The Gang or The Whispers.

53. "The night city grows. Look as the horizon glow"

Midnight City|M83

I first heard this when I was in second year on the radio of my cellphone. Right from the start, it caught my ears which sooner liked the sounds of keyboards and synthesizers more. This was the first song that helped me to be interested at the band. At third year, it was almost heavily played at the time I began listening to Jam 88.3 in the evening.

A lead single from their album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, Midnight City is inspired by "Downtown Los Angeles" at night. I liken the vocals to one of Alan Parson's Project. But it was nice of them to adorn a distinct sound in the finale. No spoiling. Play and listen. It still sounds like the 80s—almost.

52. "Look I found her, redcoat"

CMYK|James Blake

I found another distinct sound in James Blake. We'll call it post-dubstep, which is frequently mixed with soul(which will appear in upcoming lists).

It's just different yet engaging. Here's one. But I like the live performance on an American public radio station more. It speaks more of James Blake in unusual sounds.

The use of words from other songs, and the progressive beats spurted out fits James Blake's uniqueness. I like the way "90's R&B" is composed into one collage on this track.

The voice of James Blake here is processed by a vocoder, a sound-making device, for your information.

Note: One cussword.

51. "You've got heart and you're going your own way"

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.|Noah and The Whale

A song that gives a pat on my back, especially when I'm getting through hard times!

First heard on Live From Abbey Road, one of my favorite shows as of now.

But that's right. Life goes on. And I said it to myself often at those times.

More to come on the following parts. For the next part, there'll be Linkin' Park, Foster The People, Fun., Gloc 9, and Two Door Cinema Club.

I hope you like these 10 songs I've featured today. I hope you have found new songs to add to your playlist. In case you're finding the previous parts, just look at the Blog Archive. Thanks for reading and listening!

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