101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 6)

We're finally halfway through the 101 Songs of My Third Year. So many songs that it took a list as long as this.

I hope you'll find something new here to listen and like.

What to expect? Linkin Park. Muse. Indie bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Foster The People. Then local rappers like Loonie and Gloc 9.

But also, with these songs come the words they convey that a teenager like me can relate to.

Just check it out!

50. "All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you"

Numb|Linkin Park

Actually, I have heard of Linkin Park since elementary years. My siblings are fans of the band, and I'm becoming one too. 

Numb. So true. I can relate to the lyrics directly since I have become tired of the expectations of and the pressures by some people around me. Because I'm who I am, and I want to become more of that.

I felt like I'm screaming this song out. Like I'm shouting it to all the burdens I had. 

49. "You hid there last time, you know we're gonna find you"

Undercover Martyn|Two Door Cinema Club

Another good song from a band most of you might not know yet, indie for short.

Unearthed from radio from a band that has one of the coolest long names. A good blend of guitars and space-like synths.

When I found out that "it's sort of a made up story [about] a guy who's scared to do something, but he knows he has to go and do it and it will pay off in the end", I can agree to it. I found myself that way before.

48. "I've found myself against all the odds again"

Chin Song For The Unsuspecting Hero|Foster The People

Foster The People, at last. This song, from one of the indie bands that helped me appreciate modern music more, is so close to me. 

A wonderfully-written song of a gloomy mood. To me, it speaks of yearning, of desperation, of being devastated. I can instantly relate to it because of having slept for long times, wondering that friends "have gone", saying out things to God, and being at the odds.

But again, I could use some cheering up. Hero? Unsuspecting hero? I don't assume to be. 

But we can be.

47. "You're just crushing me down, crushing me down, crushing me down" 

Warrior|Mark Foster, Kimbra, and A-Trak

Here's a collaboration between Foster The People's frontman, singer Kimbra (who made a duet with Gotye for Somebody That I Used To Know), and DJ A-Trak. This one was shared by the blogger in earthingsblog.wordpress.com (the blog is nice anyway, check it out!).

And the song does sound like Foster's band. Splendidly composed, perfectly mixed.

Warrior. I'm thinking/imagining like that. Someone battling life and whatever it throws in. By that I'm reminded that there shouldn't be anything that tries to push and crash me down to stop me. I have to learn to be a warrior(of my own right).

46. "Marami pang pagkakataon ang nasa 'yong harapan"

Bakit Hindi|Gloc 9 feat. Billy Crawford

Another inspiring song from one of Pinoy music's finest artists, and also a creative poet, Gloc 9.

Saw it on the music channel, and I found it good to listen to, especially when—again—I'm on the hard times.

But that's true. We aren't perfect. We're working, doing, and sometimes we fail. But that shouldn't stop us. This one is another pat in my back, telling me to keep on dreaming, and believing. Why not?

45. "Just some scars from a life that used to trouble me"

Sight of The Sun|fun.

A special track from the power pop band, which was heard—again—on the radio. So simple, yet so brilliant. It seems like it was just dawn, and the sun's just shining.

44. "And now I have finally seen the light"


Haay. Madness. Most of us may have gone to that, or maybe just few. 

But this one's notable. Being aware of the band, and their album, The 2nd Law, I have stumbled upon this electronica-inspired and club-sounding single. There's still rock coming from rocking guitar riffs. And the vocals, I feel like it's close to heart, and coming from it.

43. "It's better just to stay in bed. Didn't want to fail myself again"

Save Me|Gotye

Have you ever felt like that? Feeling like you want to stay in your comfort zone, or simply in your bed? Feeling fed up of failing many times? I've felt that way.

Hoping to be saved from all the things that drowning you deep? I felt that way too.

I found out this single from the musician who created one of the songs that you know and maybe sing along, what else but "Somebody That I Used To Know". I found this when I was channel surfing, and I stopped into a Chinese version of Channel [V]. I heard an English voice, plus some rippling tunes, and saw a nice art on the music video. 

It appeared to be this.

That just made me think of something, though not much connected to the song, and I want to share it to you. 

Jesus saved me, and He can save you too. Save you from being fallen. Just believe and receive.

Hopefully, we'll talk more about that soon. 

42. "Kung wala ka pang mali wala ka pang nagagawa"

Tao Lang|Loonie feat. Quest

We're going to hip-hop and rap again with this track with realistic lyrics, coming from Loonie, one of the prominent rappers from the famous hip-hop battle here, Fliptop. Also with Quest, who was featured in the previous list.

The lyrics is direct as well as true. Because the truth is we are all human. We have slipped for a lot of times, but we do learn from them. Therefore, we should understand each other, as well as forgive each other. 

Also, please, don't pressure us.

41. "All along the western front. People line up to receive"

Electric Feel|MGMT

I've spotted this out from another blog. MGMT's mix of psychedelic and synthetic sounds engaged my ears, and it just fit well.

Their sound, their persona, and even their artwork, all in all, are colorful.

For your information, this long list will run with 4 more posts..More to come, more to find out, and more to listen. I hope you like today's list.

Thanks for checking this out!

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