101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 1)

Third year, for me, came with new experiences, new subjects, new friends, new burdens, new pains, new lessons, and—thankfully—new music to hear.

At first year I listened mostly to motown, disco, and rock music, a bit of 70s and 80s, and a bit of current.

Then at second year, I discovered the sounds that emerged in the 80s, from New Wave to synthpop to the simple pop.

And last school year, I was glad to stumble upon 90s to today's music—alternative rock, indie, OPM, and pop as well—and found myself concluding that today's music isn't all trash and swears.

I like some songs because of their well-written lyrics, which made me feel the way I felt at certain circumstances. Some of them I found interesting and pleasing to my ears because of the prettily-weaved composition. But I like most of them because of both.

With no further ado, here are the 101 Songs of My Third Year. We'll have these "chart" in weekly intervals until we reach number 1.

Here are the first 11 songs.

101. "Every siren is a symphony and every tear's a waterfall"

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall|Coldplay

A synthesizer-fused Coldplay can be heard with their lead single from an album with a story, Mylo Xyloto.

I didn't familiarize myself with Coldplay until I heard this and "The Scientist". Aside from the sparkling synth chords and the pounding finale, this track has a striking impression right from its title—so metaphorical!

Good to know it somewhat says to us of being positive or moving forward amidst pain and suffering.

And doesn't it feel like waterfalls when tears drop, as if everything was released out of yourself?

100. "One, two, one, two, three"

Locked Out of Heaven|Bruno Mars

After hits like "Just The Way You Are" and "Grenade", Bruno Mars hit again the listener's ears with this song. Well, I guess you're shocked that I put this song on the list. It seemed as if I won't even think of it.

Never mind the lyrics. I found the music itself nice. Those notes influenced by New Wave, funk, and a bit of electronic made me like this.

And I agree with what a DJ on the radio commented about this. It's really like a Sting or The Police song, especially the guitar chords.

And I always took notice of the "e-e-e-e-e-e-e-uh!", which comes from simply pressing buttons on a big device. The synths are also notable for me.

99. "No time for cameras, we’ll use our eyes instead"

Cameras|Matt and Kim

I remember hearing this first when I tried an iPad exhibited at an appliance/gadget store at a simple mall near the house. I was trying this app from the pad similar to a DJ set used to remix sounds and stuff. Some kind of Virtual DJ. Then I found this song on the playlist, then experimented with it. Finally, I liked it.

I like the way the duo composed this. Here are these sounds from the keyboard, from something from a "breaking news" sound to something definitely an electronic instrument can only produce. Then those drumbeats that I liken to hip-hop. That's how I describe it.

98. "I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down."

Tubthumping(I Get Knocked Down)|Chumbawamba

I think my ears heard this before, and I heard it again this third year. I credit "Dance Maniax Second Mix" for this. Rolling Stone considered this as one of the 20 Most Annoying Songs, but I found this song from anarcho-punk band Chumbawamba moving.

I can sing to it when I'm being "knocked down". I can call it as a cry of keeping on moving.

I can relate to it every time I'm being brought down by things that trouble me. I may have been dragged on the ground, but I'll get up.

97. "Don't you worry, don't you worry child. See heaven's got a plan for you."

Don't You Worry Child|Swedish House Mafia

This last single of the Swedish electronic dance group, before breaking up, introduced me to more of house music. They had a concert here in the Philippines not too long before, and then I heard this track in a promotion of that concert.

This is the most amazing mix I have heard from them. The positive lyrics, together with all the progressive mixed sounds, is uplifting.

And it even inspired me to venture into sounds like these someday.

96. "On my own castaway. Trapped and caught in between."


I first heard this song from the Filipino rock supergroup on an "instrument tutorial" program on Myx (a music channel), which is Myx Tugtugan. From that episode, where lead vocalist and guitarist Franco Reyes taught the song's chords, I appreciated Pinoy rock once again.

I like the intro, which introduced to me the use of effects on guitars. In addition, I also appreciate the way Filipino musicians make creative English lyrics.

For a teenager like me, I sometimes feel that I'm "on my own, castaway", someone who's away from others, disregarded by the people around me. It's like I'm just alone in a dark trail, fighting with everything I'm going through on my own. "But I'm moving on."

Besides, God's there. I'm not a castaway at all!

95. "Oh sometimes I get a good feeling."


In my original list, the song "KPL" by The Oktaves took this spot. However, because I want this blog to be friendly to your ears, and to mine as well, I decided to replace it with this dynamic mix by one of today's famous DJs, Avicii.

Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" wouldn't be possible without this original, head-banging composition by Avicii. The overlapping of every beats and synths from the start to finish, plus a vocal sample from a 60s "gospel-inspired" song, makes it simply fantastic. It made me think of partying and DJ-ing.

Again, I got interested at house music, I want to try being a DJ someday.

94. "And it's a long way up when you hit the ground. Get up now"

On Top Of The World|Imagine Dragons

A nice inspiring song from the indie rock band, Imagine Dragons!

The sounds, from the clapping, to the keys, to that big drum, to the chanting of the band, blend very well. They're good at relaying a nice positive message like this!

It's good to know that after struggling, after waiting for long, unless you give up, you'll reach the top.

The road may be too long or too rocky. You may fall, but if you get up and keep on moving, you can reach that good end.

93. "I've thrown away my lucky stars, and my wishes don't come true."

After All This Time|Itchyworms

Here's a track from Itchyworms, where I've heard a different side of the band, far from their typical Filipino songs, and where a bit of 80s sound is fused into it, which is noted at the guitar intro, and maybe the back vocals.

It is also notable that their drummer Jazz Nicholas, who wrote the song, performed its vocals.

Nevertheless, this song speaks of that sadness, that sadness of not having someone after lots of effort and love given to that person for a long time. It seems like the person there at the song is terribly hurt and wasted, and now hopelessly doubting if he/she even thinks of or cares about him/her.

92. "It's so much better, when everyone is in. Are you in?"

Are You In?|Incubus

I've heard of Incubus for long. But when I heard this song on the radio, I've finally heard them for real. I remember having heard this as a little child before, but I just noticed at third year that it's Incubus.

I like here that "feel-good" sound created throughout the song, even that simple spinning of turntables and the progression of the keys.

For me it appears to be a simple invitation formed by simple words. Something like "join the ride!" or "come here with us, you'll enjoy it here." Are you in?

91. "Moving in your heartbeat..."

New Frontier|Techy Romantics feat. Somedaydream

A chill and upbeat track from a local electronic trio with a cute name—Techy Romantics, together with another electronic music artist, Somedaydream, who is popular for "Hey, Daydreamer".

This makes me amaze once again at how great and worth listening our very own artists are. They may be unknown to you, but bands like these are worthy to be heard.

Their vocalist made it again, together with Somedaydream's collaboration. A nice duet does it so well.


Tracks from number 90-80 coming up very soon...Stay tuned. Thank you! I hope you will share it to your friends!

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