A Slap On My Face (First part of the series)

   I'M ONCE again on pressure...Under pressure.2 days or less than 48 hours to go until our periodical tests will begin. And now, I'm facing the trials of high school.

   The class had a quiz on Biology. We reviewed. We tried to review. But not much for me. I can't even exercise my time in an orderly way! Plans didn't go as it was for this "looking-serious" man.

   Disorganized time, slightly-energized body, and the rushes of studies. They all make me a complicated teenager. They all try to mold me to be diligent and hardworking. However, they all pass a frazzled, puzzled me.

   I really had no time top get things well. When could I make things sorted and kept well? You know, then things usually make me look like concentrated on my work or sort of that. Most of all, they decrease my mood. Now what?

   I have nothing and no one to blame. Just myself. Just my clock-cracking management and energy-lost anatomy. In the same way, I have no one to ask for help and comfort but just the One above..He, my Friend, my Help, my Fortress. How I've forgotten Him!

   The quiz began as a review on what we've discussed on Biology(I've missed one discussion though). We held on our pens and our blue Cattleya fillers. We wrote our answers as our nice teacher gave the questions, hoping for a good score, just like hitting the dart pins at the right place.

   We had two quizzes, and the first ended. Thank God! I got at least a consistent score--16.

   Good start, but a depressing conclusion! Guess what I've got at the second quiz: 11! What?

   Indeed, it's hard to miss a class and a good explanation from a teacher that we trust.

   I've just took it..Ok. Fine, I had low scores--like missing shots on the pool table. I even had that envy on people with success higher than mine. At times, things get puzzled and cluttered when misunderstood..

   That, or even those were slaps on my face.
(probably, to be continued)

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