So far... (Part 2)

Author's Note: The post was written before classes started. Due to lack of time, it was posted lately.


The Buggles, featuring Trevor Horn(right)
and Geoff Downes(left). Famous for 

"Video Killed The Radio Star"
A part of this summer leave were simple days in the four corners of the house, in the pages of books, and in front of the TV and computer, No, not playing online games of fantasy or war that many adolescents get absorbed to. But I spent those times discovering new music, reading opinion articles, stumbling upon different things, and of course, blogging.

I went back to my bookmarked tracks from The Buggles, and I searched for their other songs.

Yellow Magic Orchestra, a pioneer 
electronic band in Japan. "Firecracker"
is their first single.
I also uncovered the electronic band from Japan, Yellow Magic
Orchestra, and I liked them and their compositions very much.

I also listened to OPM bands like Daydream Cycle and Techy Romantics, both also specializing in synths, beats, riffs and loops.

All of them are great in their music. They serve as inspirations for me to create music someday...electronic music.

In addition, I read opinion articles on and I came to realize
that it wasn't bad ( I really like to read newspapers in print in the first place and I still prefer reading them that way, in fresh press paper), just make the brightness of the monitor suitable and not too bright. I started reading "Pinoy Kasi" by Michael Tan more often, as well as the column "Looking Back" from Ambeth Ocampo. Nevertheless, I still continued patronizing and waiting for every column of "Young Blood".

I also played Boggle and Scrabble online in preparation for some game with other fellow churches ( I only played Scrabble for the game). I got back to playing these games that I've forgotten and neglected for a long time. Now, I want to play them more, especially Scrabble, but I want to play it one time with real tiles and with friends.

Nevertheless, I admit that sometimes cyberspace strikes boredom on me.

Stacks of books

One of my goals this passed summer was to read many books. And throughout my summer, I finished some books that were in my stack of books.

Here's the reading list:
  • The Myrmidon Project by Chuck Scarborough and William Murray
  • A biography of Eric Lidell, the runner turned missionary
  • Time Machine:World War II Code Breaker, an adventure/game-like book taking you back to World War II
  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and 3/4 by Sue Townsend
  • 2 books from The Cat Who... series namely The Cat Who Played Brahms and The Cat Who Went Underground written by Lillian Jackson Brown
  • Idoru by William Gibson
  • Then Again Maybe I Won't by Judy Blume
  • A collection of comic strip from B.C. by Johnny Hart, and 
  • Short stories from anthologies Emperor of the Air by Etahn Canin and Tangents by Greg Bear.
I also started The Day I Became An Autodidact by Kendall Hailey, Insomnia by Stephen King, and Fools by Pat Cadigan. However, I still didn't finish the earlier two yet, while I discontinued reading Fools to lessen my reading list and focus on other books.

And now, I continue reading Crimson Joy by Robert B. Parker

Did I enjoy this summer leave?

After all these getaways and strolling, after those episodes of Adventure Time and Everybody Loves Raymond, after those stories I read in books, after those adventures of Jim Qwilleran, after the virtual realities of Idoru, after a marathon of Word of The Lourd, after many books bought at affordable prices, after all of these summer leave, did I enjoy it?

Before that, there are such "should haves". I should have read more. I should have learned more. I should have got along more...But all in all, I could say that even at the least I enjoyed this rest and refreshment the long vacation gave me.

I have envied others, thinking they have better ways of spending vacation, knowing they have more savings...

But then I think as I wrote these happenings that I should be happy and thankful that I had this long enough time after the tiring and challenging second year to relax and revive.

I enjoyed it in my own way.

Sooner, I would welcome myself to third year. I think and feel it would be a more challenging, more busying journey since there's Physics, Chemistry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, World History, etc...I think that as it is an upgraded experience, it would be a long and struggling school year, but with God's help, I could do it.

In fact, I'm even excited.

I'm ready.

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