Such A Loss (Last part of the series)

After several hours of closing my eyes to sleep that afternoon, I reviewed on 3 remaining subjects for me to take on Friday. Those three were English, Geometry—another major subject this second year, and the very tough of them all—Social Studies.

I needed to review lots and lots of information on that subject. It's like carrying and storing on your mind 3 or more books as big as almanacs, dictionaries, or those books from Preston and McGraw-Hill.

Yet, it seemed that I reviewed those things fast, I think. I took them fast, assuming and looking forward to pass them all.

I geared myself up the next day for this final day of examinations. I really did pushed myself through reviewing SocStud(It shouldn't be SocSci) and keeping those lessons inserted and refrigerated on my mind for future use.

While I worked on it, I began to take the first test.

As a youth engaged to literature and writing, I appreciate English. For the second quarter, we recalled pronouns and the manner of using it. I answered the test fairly well. I filled each blanks, encircled words, and underlined pronouns as correctly as possible. After checking my answers, I passed the gray-colored test paper, with optimism that I would pass that test. Then, I went on studying for the "quarter-pound" Soc. Stud.

After those reviews all by myself, I decided to discuss such chunks of knowledge with my classmates. I helped myself to fill my mind with those facts that I needed to have a very nice mark on my next exam.

After that review outside the classroom, the teacher called us to get inside the room. We used the remaining time reviewing up until the time when the papers were facing us students.

At some moment, I thoughtlessly counted down the seconds on the clock before the long hand rose up to number 12. And because of that, my classmates who were near to where I sat spoke up to stop my counting down. So I stopped.

And upon that happening, my mind popped up! It seemed that the storage had to release some bits and pieces that I've taken while reviewing.

No, not all was popped away. It looked like those stacked knowledge went from its boundaries to scatter themselves all around my persistent and compressed mind.

We were about to face the hardcore test. The papers were ready, just like meals served on a dish covered with a semi-sphere cover. As each of us reached for the papers, we skimmed at its contents

As I skimmed it, I was overwhelmed! My mind was all stirred up!

To the ordinary man that would be "so tough!" To the girls, that would be "OMG!" For the sosy, it would be "omigosh!" But for me, simply, it's hard! I wonder why after many reviews, after many hours of study, I still can hardly answer the test.

I pushed myself and my mind through answering each blanks of the exam, avoiding erasures, for having erasures would make my answers unaccepted.

Minutes passed by, and pressure came along. I really had such a big mental block. I really lost a good game. I had an awful fate. But, what could I do? It's not easy at all!

Two students were only remaining, who were not passing their papers yet. That included myself.

Even though I can't easily answer the test, I didn't give up. I took the time that I had to recall what I could recall as long as I could give answers.

I asked my seatmate if she's finished. She said she's not.

And as I could perceive, she's more persistent than I. We were the last ones to pass our own papers.

Upon passing the two-page test paper, I wondered why things should go like that. I thought about them all, seemingly hopeless for what will happen next.

After another recess, we took the very last of our exams. We had Geometry as our last exam for the day. It may be easy, once again, to review and read. However, being careful and critical-minded is important. Also, you should always be accurate in answers and computations, and you should always have common sense, of course. I did make sure that I'm doing them all.

I endeavored through having a passing grade on that exam. After many minutes of thinking and computing, I passed my paper with enough hopes for a good grade.

After a long and though test, I and my classmates had a sigh of relief at last. We could now cool ourselves down after taking exams and encountering mental blocks. Therefore, many of us, including yours truly, preferred for another getaway at SM(Shoe Mart) Mall at our vicinity in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

You see, how weeks could be tough for a teenager like me. Sometimes you succeed. Sometimes the results are unsatisfactory. But as long as you prepare yourself, do your best, and work hard even though it means burning a midnight oil, you'll get what you deserve, as God wills. And of course with that, you'll be given a break.

And so it goes.

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