From My World To Yours

Author's Note: The following post was intended to be published by the day it was written. But because  I was busy and tired, it was just posted today. 

I haven't expected that I'll meet a person of grace and high spirits like you in this third-year life. I haven't thought that I'll have a close friend who is jolly and kind, and has lots of good vibes in her nerves.

I really don't know how will I begin this simple blog, but every now and then I'm planning to write my heart out for a friend like you.

You're one of a kind, truly. A lass who likes manga* a lot. An anime fan, or in their world, otaku. A clever student for years. A young girl who is pretty and nice, friendly and happy.

You're also a jack of all trades. You can dance with gladness. You can also sing well. You also speak English with eloquence. You act roles gracefully. And perhaps, I would see you someday with an electric guitar rocking with a band. You can be fit in almost anything.

What I admire in you is that you can be in good vibes with anyone. You have that ability to relate with anybody. Also, you never lose positive energy. It's evident in the way you shout your heart out and laugh out loud in every conversation you have with others and with me.

And now, for this special day for you, I just want to greet you a very happy birthday.

But first and foremost, to let you know, I'm sorry for those times when I had gone mad and bad at you. I'm sorry for imposing an unlikely attitude towards you. I'm sorry for making you lose your positive energy. For making you sad and crying. And thank you for forgiving me so.

Thank you for being a friend that you are to me. Thank you for considering me as your brother, your kuya in the class. Thank you for letting me know that even though I can't avoid being serious at times, I also have to be of good cheer and live the light stay happy and be grateful.

For another year that God has given you in your life, I wish you more blessings in your personal life and in your family, as well as a better future ahead. I hope you'll continue to enjoy life as it is as you enjoy it today, no matter how challenging it is. Do continue to work hard on your studies and never forget to trust in Him. Go for your dreams, my friend. Stay happy. Stay young.

And before I forget, may you always remember that you have a classmate, a friend, a brother here to chat and laugh with. A person you can talk to for help.

A friend you call as kaichou.

Happy Birthday.

*Manga(man-ga) is a Japanese term for comics.

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