Talk TV Transforms

A news boomed on the television last Wednesday morning while I tuned in.

Talk TV is going to change to inform and inspire this October 30.

What do I mean?

Talk TV, another cable channel of Solar Network, will go forward as a news channel.

Talk TV, launched after ETC moved to RPN 9, emphasizes on talk, with a line-up of talk shows and news programs, getting programs like Today, Inside Edition, and Dateline from its sister channels like 2nd Avenue. More programs were added as the channel evolved, being watched and patronized after its soft launch. There's The Talk, then Anderson(which became Anderson Live), then Undercover Boss(an inspiring program).

Then this: as planned and intended, Solar, being an entertainment and sports provider on TV, started on a new venture—news.

Sources told it before, and I finally saw it.

Solar's news service started on Talk TV with the coverage of the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, recruiting veteran journalists like Jing Magsaysay and Pia Hontiveros and reporters I knew from RPN 9(Hmm...Do they intend to have RPN?I suggest them to have it!). Right from those moments, I sense Solar News having a good future ahead as a credible news provider.

And after that impeachment trial, Solar News started broadcasting local newscasts on Talk TV. It all began with Solar Headlines, a brief but informative news break aired every hour...and every 15 minutes later on.

The channel evolved more as Solar News launched its primetime newscast, Solar Network News. Finally, Solar News as I expected it. Then suddenly came their own Nightly News, which I like the most among their news programs. And recently, a newscast in the morning (another favorite) which is different among other morning shows, and a fast-paced news on noontime. With this, Talk TV became a great mix of informative, noise-less news and lighthearted and interesting talk.

While viewing Talk TV before, I thought, what if this turned out to be a news channel? Talk TV is really intended to be a news channel. They started it first with talk shows and some current affairs. Then they cultivated it with Solar News. And now, they're getting closer to being completely the newest news channel on TV. Teasers were seen every now and then. Another one was released on Facebook. And as September 30 goes near, I'm excited with this something new.

I think, after watching this channel grow, Talk TV—which I feel is an experiment—is ready to become Solar's news channel. A news channel with a mix of news and talk, of current events and human interest, though we don't know yet if there'll be changes in programming.

I suppose it would be like Sky News in UK as it broadcast CBS Evening News and 20/20 from the US. The difference is Talk TV is a broadcaster of more foreign news programs, now that it aired new shows like the well-known 60 Minutes and the famous car show Top Gear.

What I could expect from this channel, as we'll see it beginning this Tuesday, is that it would bring more news "you can use", especially breaking news, as soon as people need it, still in the way they do it—comprehensive, accurate, and fitting to everyone who is concerned on our world. And with that, they'll combine it with good programs and talk shows.

I hope it would turn out to be a better alternative.

I wish the best for this channel that aims inform and inspire.

The change would start on September 30 on Talk TV or...Just stay tuned.

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