Fifteen Lessons and Thoughts From A Teenager Turning Fifteen

Why fifteen? Fifteen would be my age beginning Sunday, June 10. I'm blessed to have another year in life, and I thank it to God. And while I continue on my adolescence with the age of fifteen, here are fifteen lessons and thoughts I have learned and thought in my whole life. They are many, but I have gathered some and I want them to share them to you. So here they are.

1. Do not leave a room unattended, especially the kitchen after you eat.

2. I do believe adolescents should understand and be open to discussions on human sexuality(or let's say it, sex)in a way that their minds won't be corrupted and under such limitations.

3. Anyone can be a writer and a reader.

4. Bad words are really irritating to my ears. People should use words in the right manner.

5. Discipline is important for every student...and writer.

6. Make sure the toilet's clean.

7. I'm too mature for such matters.

8. While "teenage love" works for others, I don't like to go nuts over any person. I might be in love, but I wouldn't let myself react on it while I continue studying and enjoying high school life.

9. To be over serious is a serious problem. Chill.

10. It doesn't mean that if there's no reply on a message, someone doesn't care or is ignorant. How about if you meet face-to-face?

11. Pride kills.

12. The word hot is only for the weather, the news, the music, or the degree of demand or popularity of celebrities. It is not for any person who is just beautiful and have the curves.

13.Time is a precious material. Use it very well.
     Get ahead of time in surfing the Net, because Sister might and will use it soon..

14. Respect people. Respect girls.

15. Reading books is a well-spent, pleasurable leisure. It leads you to different worlds and different views, twists, and turns of life. I'm blessed to have a big inclination on reading. I just hope to be more active and even more voracious to take spare time reading a book.

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