Two Thousand and Twelve

How time flies so fast. At a sweep of seconds, it's another new year. Fireworks appear around cities and neighborhoods. Greetings of  "Happy New Year!" are heard. In New York, that glowing ball symbols the coming of the new year. In London, the Big Ben strikes banging "dong"s. Bright fireworks cover the atmosphere of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. New Year has come. It's year 2012.

I would just like to wish you a Happy New Year.

It's another blessing from God. Therefore, let us entrust to Him this year. Besides, it is He who will decide whether 2012 would be the apocalypse or not. We really don't know.

Though circumstances may come, let us hold our heads up high in the Lord. Put yourselves into His hands.

Anyway, time flies so fast, that not only it's 2012. I'll go back to school once again. How short vacation is. However, I hope that I'll do better this time.

In addition to all of this, I hope you'll continue to read The Teenage Dispatch, and may more readers would be interested at my blog and follow it. I thank my first 4 followers.

There will be more posts on my teenage life. I'll also try to post about current issues, Christian thoughts, and everything under the sun that I'm interested to. I also look forward to create and post short stories, and poems will also come along.

What more could I say? May you all have a nice 2012.

Making another new feature in this blog, here's a feature song of my taste. From A Flock of Seagulls, "The More You Live, The More You Love".

Manigong Bagong Taon. Happy New Year!

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