Our class had recently worked on a project in English. In two pieces of short bond paper, we would make our own web pages entitled "Friendbook"-just like Facebook. There, we wrote a reflection on Afro-Asian poetry, and other sorts of posts related to Africa and Asia. I decided to just make a drawing of my webpage instead of an online webpage. Most of us preferred the virtual one. It took me my whole working hours on Thursday to finish this simple yet unique "Friendbook" at home before I submitted it the next day. I made a short reflection and wrote an African poem and 2 Asian poems-a poem in small letters and a haiku. As I did these things and asked my classmates to write comments that next day, I came to really reflect on Afro-Asian poetry. What my classmates posted on Facebook about their reflections are precise and factual, and they made me write this simple article on my young and unknown blog. Here it is, tough I may not write it as same as what I wrote on that "Friendbook".

Afro-Asian poetry is one unique kind of poetry. It went through various social and political turmoils and situations.Poems like these have distinct and fine imagery. Most African poems reflect love for land. Asian poems show unique images of nature and nation. Yet, it speaks of itself. It has it's own voice: a voice of freedom, liberty, and patriotism. Therefore, Afro-Asian poetry is both impacting, touching, and compelling.

It's good for me to know these poems: poems that express grief, joy, appreciation and revolution. I hope that as I go through my last three months as a sophomore, I'll learn more and have more taste on poetry, especially on the Afro-Asian poetry.

By the way, if you have any justifications on my reflection, you may give a comment. And here are two poems from the variety of literature we are studying this second year.

Image Of Africa
Edward Kofi Louis

Image of Africa,
Where is the family in our family today on this earth?
Image of Africa,
Where is the society in our society today in this world?
Image of Africa,
Where are the positive human beings among us today on this earth?
Image of Africa,
Of the kings, queens and the cultures of the people!
But the rhythms of this world only need peace, love and unity. 

"Last Line"
Rajbir Parashar

I am the last
line of her poem

her last poem
that sings
my betrayal
her own faith
in a person

she knew so well
despite all agony and loss

I'm glad you've read this blog once again...Thanks.

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