Here's a poem that I made one Saturday evening. I remembered such things, and I made this poem in free verse. Hope you like it.


Dearest me
You've been great
and you've been friendly
They talk to you
and they have happy looks

 But let me tell you

You'll not always be heard
they'll not always look at you
You may ask
  but they won't always answer you
Suggest if you can
  yet they'll not bother it

You'll not always get the attention
you'll not always make them relate to you
You'll not always get the credit

That makes you blue
But turn that blue,
and never make it a depression
never stuck too deep on yourself

Stay friendly
stay helpful

Thank them that
they regard,
and appreciate you
as a friend

.........I'm not alone.

I hope you liked that poem. Together with that, I want to share with you a nice song from The Police. Message In A Bottle. I can relate to it somehow.

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