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I think I'll take a short break from working in front of my computer. I'm now working on a typewriter anyway. But as February comes, you can wait for the things I'll blog about this February.

  • CORONA: My take on the newest "TV series" today in the Philippines: The Impeachment Trial of the Supreme Court's Chief Justice Renato Corona.
  • L-O-V-E: Valentines Day is coming. But I won't post any cheesy stuff. I want to share to you my views of love...and what it really is.
  • MORE SCHOOL LIFE JOURNALS: Coming out of my typewriter that I've found from the things in the house, I have more stories to share from my classroom.
  • MISSED LITERATURE: As I searched through and saw old covers of pulp magazines in the Internet, I realized I've missed something to read and appreciate.
  • BIBLE: January almost ended with the Bible Week. Inspired by an editorial from a newspaper, I would like to share to you the book that every man should use as their manual.
  • A SLAP ON MY FACE: Last year, I wrote about the days of my examination. That doesn't end there. This series will continue in probably the last part of them all.

There will be also more poetry. I thank everyone reading my blog. And I'm still hoping to get more readers. How about if you join Blogger and follow me? (Hehe).

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