Sentiments of A Student

I remember this poem. I made this during the first quarter when I wasn't given the chance to give my notebook on a subject for checking. I feared that I might have an unsatisfying grade on my card. Well, I must follow the rule: get the notebook before the class. Sorry, but I haven't. I just remained myself quiet at that moment and made this poem.

May you appreciate it.

Sentiments of A Student

Why am I like this?
I'm so unlucky
I always fail
When will I learn?
When will things come to change?
          When will I be better?

I am distressed
I get low grades
And I lose some things

They all turn me bad
They all depress me
They all leave me in distress!

Why should I come at this point?
                              At this point
                              Where nothing happens
But troubles and problems
      failures and shortcomings

How will I pass,
when I can't pass earlier?
How will good grades come,
when downfall occurs instead?

I'm like a stock exchange
Especially in times of crises
I fall down
I decline...

How unfortunate am I indeed!
I wonder why

Why God seems not around?
                                Let Him hear my sentiments
                                Let Him come and help me
I'm desperately in need...
                           Need of retained knowledge
                           of help
                           Need of hard work
                           of change

God, please meet this needs!
For I want to pursue
                 to pursue on good works
                                on passing marks

I'm afraid of downfalls
I'm afraid of low scores
I'm afraid to be out!
Right now
Please, help me...
I'm really unlucky
...really distressed

For I'm a student
            a student with sentiments
            a student who stumbles
A student in crisis.

Nevertheless, I still trust everything to the Lord. It's just that we have to be honest before our God, and keep your faith in Him.

Anyway, I'll add some old school music here on this post. From Eurogliders, Heaven(Must Be There).

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