Portrait of A True Woman

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   Last January 1st, I had a chat with a close friend of mine. She asked me, "What is a true woman to you?" And that question sparked an ideal topic for me to blog about.

   Here am I to blog about it.Welcome back to my blog.I missed Dispatch for many weeks and days,since I toiled for school,for grade's sake.I am coming back with this topic.Let's get started.
   First, a true woman is beautiful inside.Each and every Eve are made in God's image, and they are blessed to have faces of either beauty or strength or uniqueness.A true woman is kind and gentle.Loving and caring.Fair and just.Honest and not making tricks.She is also not a flirt.

   A true woman has respect on herself.She is not be regarded as any item of lust.She should never exploit herself in clubs, just to earn a living for her poor family.It's a disrespect for herself to pose on any dirty periodical, exposing her body, or worse, her naked self.It's a disrespect for herself to project her very body-even exposing her bosom or hiding it for the purpose of exposing it-on those glossy pages,provoking men, especially voyeurs, to lust over those dirty photos.She just makes their eyes wonder on sin.I do believe it disrupts her dignity as a woman.I hope you get my point.

   Furthermore,she shouldn't provoke a man's lust on either film or video.She shouldn't engage in any disgusting act for the sake of entertainment and pleasure of the viewers.I wonder why things in our world are getting as sinful as this.

   I'll tell you this: A girl is no toy.She is no sport.She is no object.She is human.

   Moreover, a true woman is godly.She has faith and trust in God.She is not solely relying on her own,but also on the Supreme Being, who loves and cares for her.

   A true woman is simple.As one of my teachers say, simplicity is beauty.I do agree.For me, just seeing a woman with a simple-tied hair is beautiful.You don't need many jewels.You don't need many bright dresses. Just dress nice, comb your hair well and be yourself...Be simple.

   And also, a true woman is graceful.Graceful in her own charm.Graceful in her own talent.Graceful in her relationships.

   That's my view of what a true woman is. Graceful. Godly. Lovely.

   If you're not contented yet with what I wrote, just give me a comment. 

   In celebration of the International Women's Day, God bless the women.Empower the women.

***Dedicated to a friend named Con, who asked me the question that made this essay(is this enough for an essay?)***


  1. Aww I miss reading essays like this! :) Thanks for the dedication

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