The Radio Broadcasting I Know and Love

Last year, I won 3rd place in field reporting in the radio broadcasting competition of the District School Press Conference, and the school our whole team were representing won 3rd place in the competition proper. I did the script of a 5-minute (at the least) newscast, and played a role on one of the 4 field reporters.

I was urged by my English teacher and some fellow seniors to join the team for the competition. I decided to go since it sounded interesting. At first, it was sort of uncomfortable for me to do, but as I went on knowing the basics and practicing and preparing for the contest, I began learning a lot and enjoying the experience with my teammates.

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Ever since as a child I gained interest in media, from television to print; yet what seems to be not much appreciated by teenagers is still my unfading interest. As an elementary student, I would turn that circular part of the radio around, especially when the radio is on the AM band, and find out what station I am hearing. Furthermore, my parents are constant listeners—from RJ 100 to DZSR 918 to 702 DZAS. When Internet became accessible to us at home, I learned further the stations and each of their histories.

As an adolescent, I grew a constant listening ear for Crossover, Magic 89.9 (for Friday Madness), BBC Radio channels in United Kingdom (via the Internet); then Jam 88.3, 98.7 DZFE, Retro 105.9, and even DWBR 104.3. These are my choices everytime I turn the radio on.

During the recent school years, I usually tuned in to Jam, and DZFE later on, especially when I worked overnight and refused to sleep as a sacrifice. Whenever the radio's on Jam, I began not only to like current music more, but also radio work on FM. As I heard the DJs mixing the music and talking to their listeners, I heard something nice to do in the future. I heard a possible career.

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Before that, there was still an interest to be in the field of news, whether on radio or TV, maybe print; but aside from my springing interest in writing, my pursuit shifted from journalism to communication. I may mimic Gus Abelgas or Ben Tulfo (don't think of asking me to do so!), but I now desire more to be like the voices I'm hearing on sensible radio: Mike (not Enriquez), Lambert, Russ Davis, Rudolph Rivera, Jimmy Jam, The Triggerman, Bon Vibar, and a lot more.

I want to be a DJ on Jam; or present the concertos and sonatas and compositions on DZFE; or maybe go Retro with old school music; or report the top-of-the-hour news on DWBR and maybe have a show like Mitch Albom's there; or hopefully manage or direct a radio station, even a government-operated one.

Moreover, I want to talk about things on air. I want some discourse on air, be someone for listeners to hang out with while they discover new music, drive, work, or relax. I might talk on a news/talk radio; that can be on DZRJ 810 AM. But, I want to combine talk and music, maybe like Jessica Zafra before.

I now see radio broadcasting as Jam, or other non-mass-market music stations do it. Befriending your listeners, playing them alternative or various music, responding to song requests, and even raising topics and speaking out your opinions or stories.

It's not anymore the usual reporting and news delivery I've done at the radio broadcasting competition. It's being a disc jockey for a maximum of 3 or 4 hours and being a friend on the airwaves (but I still find it good to say the news in the manner 104.3 does it). That's what I like to do in the future, aside from writing prose and poetry and, hopefully, making music.

Those are the ways I like and hope to be as a broadcaster.


  1. Goosebumps! I can see ’em coming! Just a matter of time Teenage Dispatcher! haha…

    1. Thank you so much for the comment Ms. E! By God's grace I'll get to serve Him and the people through this passion.


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