101 Songs of My Third Year (Part 8)

The music continues to reel as we go on counting down the 101 songs that entered my ears and struck my mind and heart last school year.

We're coming close to the last 10 songs. But before that, I will feature these next ten songs that ranked 30 to 21.

From the ballad side of Linkin Park to guitar-flinging sounds of Muse and Franz Ferdinand. From the cool electronic sound of Stars and Passion Pit to the pounding and awesome beats from Foster The People.

Let's get started.

30. "So don't apologize. I'm losing what I don't deserve"

Burning In The Skies|Linkin Park

While Linkin Park has its own heavy, electrified rock sound, it also has its soft, ballad side.

"Burning In The Skies" is a song that fits right at those moments when I feel I failed at what I do and at connecting with others(read:"bridges I have burned").

I feel this song speaks of cut ties, of broken situations, of the things, and maybe persons, that you don't deserve. The emotions conveyed by this one is real for many.

29. "Do just what you want to and now stand up and begin"

Panic Station|Muse

This track caught my attention after being played most of the time in my favorite radio station.

"Panic". It is a word I'm almost used to live with. And I feel it once I'm running out of time and pressure is still vested upon me.

Muse rocks, just like Queen. Check out "Supremacy".

28. "What would you say if I fell apart? Could you bring me back?"

The Theory of Relativity|Stars

Theory of Relativity is not just only a scientific thing. It is also a wonderful synth-packed song from Canadian band Stars. The starkness of the synthesizers and the wonderful voices of the two vocals wowed me.

Warning: One cuss word.

27. "I'm just too much a coward to admit when I'm in need"

Take A Walk|Passion Pit

As long as I could remember, this is a song related to life under trouble.

And so I feel that way a lot of times. Living under tons of problems, tons of tasks, and a lot of things that make my life complicated and confusing.

But when I face such things, even the dark night of the soul, I'll take a walk.

26. "I try to stay awake and remember my name. But everybody's changing and I don't feel the same"

Everybody's Changing|Keane

I heard the song's remarkable piano notes as a young child. Then at 2012, Keane had a concert in the Philippines, and Myx presented a concert of the band before. I finally found out this song.

It is a very heartfelt song. Another song that is another pat on my back.

Because it revealed a truth that I found out while third year went on: Everybody's changing.

And I didn't feel the same.

25. "I really miss you I miss you I said"

Miss You|Foster The People

Discovered from an Internet video clip from Live From Abbey Road.

I found it nice and unique that FTP created pumping, dancing music with gloomy and lonely lyrics...

Good for a dance.

24. "Across the time and space. A never-ending dance"


M83 doesn't stop "bringing back the 80s" with this second single from their recent album entitled Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.

It sounds like from an 80s /movie. It sounds like I'm running fast, and also like a camera circles while I'm looking in the clouds.

23. "Every day is a battle I face"

I Would Do Anything For You|Foster The People

Another smooth side is featured in this love song.

It just sounds so lovely. It just sounds so beautiful...

22. "I know I won't be leaving here with you"

Take Me Out|Franz Ferdinand

This is what I think I have already heard in my elementary years, then it entered my ears once again last school year on the radio.

"Take Me Out", for me, has these exciting guitar flings that can make you dance. I also like it that they open the song in a gritty dramatic flow..Then the dancing lines will suddenly bang!

21. "A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere"

Soul Meets Body|Death Cab For Cutie

Their concert here last year made me aware of the band...And I saw a clip of this song's music video. The melodies enticed me, and the lyrics are well-crafted.

This single is somehow remarkable. It is something that I would play when I'm sick and tired of things...

And for today's list, we have a bonus track that deserves an honorable mention!

Honorable mention: "All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet"

I've mentioned on my past blogs(The Rhythms Of Me and the first part of this list) that I usually listened to and searched for 80s music, from punk to new wave to synthpop.

But I also heard current songs, including this notable single from—once again—Foster The People.

I found out "Pumped Up Kicks" at second year while watching Myx. Then at third year, I revisited this song, then I decided to listen to other tracks which were already featured on the past parts of this list(and more to be featured on the last 2 parts).

They are the first band that helped me take a closer look at today's music. They introduced me to what we call as independent music, or indie. Moreover, that made me think that today's music is still worth listening.

That's why this deserves an honorable mention.

On the next list: Up Dharma Down. M83. James Blake. And a lot more.

I hope you like this latest list. Keep on discovering. Keep on enjoying what music has to give.

Keep updated. Thank you for reading!

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