Top 5 Things I Miss In Life

Do you have something, or someone that you miss? I guess there's at least one. For me right now, I miss more of life.

I, therefore, have to leave this workplace named cyberspace for long if I won't be doing anything productive here, except creating a post like this or dig more of music.

Furthermore, there was school, and it made me miss a lot of things. Now it's summer, I get close to some things I've missed, but there are still things I'm still longing for.

Here are the top 5 things I miss in life so far that struck my mind instantly and instantly landed into my notebook. Hope you'll like it!

5. My own piles of literature

Before summer began, I hardly got some time reading books. I could hardly get through free time when almost all of my time before was spent in labor, demands, and stress, and lazy sleep.

That's why today I do anything to get into the habit of reading once again.

I still believe in the pleasure and contentment reading can give. It can drive you to different places, feel the way you feel, bring you to various thoughts, and fuel an aspiring writer like me into writing.

While toiling when I was still third year, I have collected many books, from science fiction to fantasy to young adult to crime to nonfiction. Unless I read those books, more books would only flood on my room.

They have to be read, and I want them to be attended.

Friends are waiting for me. Here I come!

4. Working and playing.

I just miss productivity that I could enjoy and celebrate...but I miss playing more. Literally.

We are now in a generation where the synthetic replaces the realistic. Playing with your hands and feet have been replaced with playing with your mouse and your consoles. If only I could just afford "Just Dance"!

I'd be happier if I learn homegrown games and enjoy them with the fellow youth. I'm afraid that future generations would get out of the Pinoy culture of playing, and sadly I missed some of it. I have already grown into a guy who doesn't go out too much unless for the love of literature and the desire of a cool atmosphere.

I missed those times when I was with classmates or anyone playing "Ice Ice Water", "Langit Lupa" (Heaven Earth or Sky Earth), "Sili Sili Maanhang" (chili chili spicy), the simple taya-tayaan, or tagu-taguan (hide and seek)...

There are so many perspiring but exciting games, and I want them to be revived, so that I'll not just get close to humans and the body won't just be alive, but it would also refine my gut into a gut of a typical man in Men's Health. Joke!

3. Being with God

It's just so sad that things in life get ahead of one important priority—God.

I'm just thankful that amid the busyness at school, I still had the chance to read His Word and know something from Him, as well as simply talking to Him in prayer, though I fell asleep several times.

I miss being calm and happy with Him who loves me, and who loves you too. I miss the simple, abundant joy and satisfaction that I get from being comforted, encouraged, and renewed by the Savior.

We really have to plan things out if we want a consistent encounter with God all the time. Good time it's summer.

2. The joy of watching television.

When there was no Internet connected and no cable plugged in yet in our house, I simply enjoyed watching game shows, cartoons, and even newscasts from the box that receives it's contents from the antenna. I recalled when we in the house would rotate the antenna to get a clearer reception of the channel.

I also remember when I was already relaxed and entertained watching Mr. Bean (the real one) or Bob The Builder or Spongebob Squarepants (definitely!), Postman Pat, Doraemon, Pokemon, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, etc.

Also, there were game shows, some of which were adapted into Philippine editions, like Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right, Family Feud, Whammy!, and what else but Pilipinas, Game KNB? (English: Philippines, Are You Game?, source: Wiki). 

It has been a habit for me to watch this show. I saw the famous game show evolve into many versions. ...until it faded from the audiences' attention...until Showtime!  came.

I still miss game shows, though. I like the way they entertained me. 

I hope game shows on prime time would come back. We're all covered by dramas, and there's no The Game Channel on our cable here. Those with antennas are still lucky to get it.

Then, there are those newscasts. Yes, newscasts were a habit before. From the local ones, to those from the United States, like NBC Nightly News and CBS Evening News

Comparing the local from the foreign, I like the way the anchormen and women of those imported programs deliver the news—calm and easy. And also I like these programs the right stories are picked. They know the difference between news and gossip. 

I have to admit, but most of our national newscasts here have gone too much tabloid, where important news, crime scenes, CCTV clips, trending YouTube videos, and controversial lives of artists are stuffed into one. That's why I've gone bored at newscasts nowadays.

But anyway, watching news inspired my dreams to become a journalist. I still don't know yet if I'll get into it, since I'm enjoying the dreams of becoming an author, and a musician, and a radio person. Hopefully, I'll go back to dreams of being a journalist, thanks to Solar News.

Now with cable, I could have enjoyed more of television. There are just so many programs to watch. I became lazy to find one to catch, and I won't watch TV all the time because of other things. 

Thankfully, I became interested to sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, and animated series like Adventure Time, and simple yet sophisticated series like Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I decided to catch them. I finally searched for timeslots, even though I won't be able to catch them sooner at school season.

Can't afford torrents, just broadcasts for now.

And for our top 1.......(Drum roll)....

1. Organic, interpersonal interactions

Real conversations, meetings that aren't virtual.

Being confined in the house for vacation while watching or reading gives relief, but it makes me miss friends. 

Yes, Facebook built a bridge to other humans, but nothing comes close to real interactions. You can talk to them, feel what they feel(really?), and see their faces. 

Nothing comes close to reality. Seeing how they are is better than looking at statuses, though it's appealing to see how they are through photos. Facebook helped, but an interpersonal encounter is more human, realer, sweeter, and even more intimate.

I still don't know what to do with that yet, but I hope I could come up with ways to get connected for real. Maybe play at the streets, or watch a movie on cable with them, or learn something from them. 

You may miss school, I may miss school, but I don't like to miss it for now. 

There you have it, the 5 things I miss in life for now. They are not all that I miss, really, but they are surely the things I missed the most while climbing Mount Third Year, and still I miss. 

How about you? You also probably miss something. It's alright. I hope we could all find ways. 

But in case you miss the joy of life, God is there for you. You can start by talking to Him, and He'll respond, and provide for you. 

I hope, dear reader. that you'll come closer to Him from time to time. :)

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you"Matthew 7:7

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."—Jesus in John 10:10

In case 5 things are too short, here a BONUS!!!

What is it?


Bonus: The Teenage Dispatch!

Why would I not miss this blog? I should have posted more and more before, but again, I had to attend to other things before I could go back here. 

That's why I still continue to make posts like this for the blog's sake. 

I hope you'll read more of this blog. There's the blog archive at the right. Thanks.

"Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
—Psalm 37:4

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