Top 5 Reasons Why You'll Argue With Your Parents On The Radio

This blogger has been interested to give some flair to the blog. This time, here are 5 reasons I thought could be good reasons why you'll possibly argue with your mama or dad on what's tuned in on your radio, unless you listen online or you have a personal one.

1. They just want music. Nothing more. Nothing less.
They just want to listen to songs, and no talk. That's mostly because they get used to RJ 100's "three songs in a row". By the way, the mentioned station is the veteran in playing "oldies but goodies". They may even like Home Radio's easy-listening playlist, though DJs were already added, so it's no more automated until the wee hours. So they just want music that won't be interrupted except by station IDs or commercials

2. They won't relate to talk-oriented programs on FM.
It's not a matter of class. It's just that they won't relate to the talk of the DJs before and after the music. I reasoned out before that it's the job of DJs, but in the end some people won't relate to them. You know, AM and FM are different. They'll complain it's just "talk talk". It still depends, nevertheless, on your parents' preferences.

3. They won't relate to the music playing.
Unless they are open to new music as much as they're open to American Idol.

4. Your speakers are loud, and they don't like rock.

5. Contrary to number 1, they want talk...
If they want talk, they would listen to it. But if they don't want to, they demand music. Moods change.

There's really a difference between old and new. Things change and even evolve, and so music preferences. You're blessed if you're into different scopes of music, if you get used to adult contemporary and you like today's music.You won't have to argue with your parents. You're also blessed if you're alright with AM, because informative discussions could be opened on the table, although it still depends on the program.

But do you really have to argue with them if you are not even turning the radio on? You're blessed if you still value radio.

But you know, just enjoy what's in it. Let your parents listen if they want to. You'll have a chance soon. It would be a blessing if you have your own, or if your parents are okay with what you listen to.

Yet the question remains: do you still listen and value radio?


Anything to add or protest? Just comment. Thank you.

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