10 Possible Careers as a Communication Arts Student (3/3)

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8. Producer/presenter of a jazz program in DZFE or Crossover

I’m so inspired by the American jazz-oriented program Nightlights that I would like to work for a jazz program or to simply play jazz music. I find it fulfilling to educate the musical taste of the Filipino and encourage him to listen to various genres, including jazz.

9. Work for a talk-oriented radio program

I’ve heard from a lot of those who discuss matters and share their opinions on both FM and AM. Among these radio personalities, I often listen to Ben Tulfo (example) and Joel Reyes Zobel. I find myself smiling when I listen to Sir Ben's program, but I also get understandable opinions.

I’m also inspired by Larry King, who, before having a program in CNN, became an overnight (graveyard shift!) talk show host on America’s Mutual Radio. On Larry's show, he interviewed a particular person; then  opens the line for his listeners to ask questions to the guest; then talk with his callers on just about anything.

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Best-selling author Mitch Albom, in fact, also has his own talk show which airs in the afternoon in Detroit, Michgan, USA. I haven’t taken a listen his show yet, but I heard his past interview with Stephen King at his website (4th on his top 10 interviews).

There’s also the late Bob Grant who says his “unrehearsed” program in New York opens an exchange of ideas, and he gains much calls from his listeners.

Knowing things such as these, I’m fascinated by talk on radio. You get to hear ideas and opinions, you get the privilege to know what others think you have to know, and you also get to balance opposing views. In fact, the essential act of listening is being exercised, and the process of thinking is being valued.

I find it worthwhile just to work on those things.

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10. Broadcast journalist

To be honest, I do want to learn journalism, aside from communication. I’ve been into writing, why not be a journalist? But for now, considering that I have passed in CA rather than in journ. when I took my entrance exam, I’ll go on with CA. Besides, broadcast journalism is included in the course.

With regards to the topics, however, I’m more inclined to work under, or even be a correspondent on topics which are not much attended to in major newscasts both here and abroad. Such topics can be regularly found, again, from another program in the West—CBS Sunday Morning. It’s a weekend daytime program that covers topics not much covered by major news programs, such as theater, classical music, and literature—simply put, the arts.

If I were a print journalist, I would also like to write more about the arts; but in both broadcast and print, I’ll appreciate it too to write in the field of religion, transportation, education (academics, school life, etc.), and media.

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