10 Possible Careers as a Communication Arts Student (2/3)

 5. Simply put, a DJ

Image from: www.straitstimes.com
 Now here’s a primary prospect. I’ve been interested in radio, and I still am.

Mostly, among different formats, either it’s working for the jazz station (if ever, Crossover, more classical jazz please…); or for the classical station (I appreciate classical a lot, but it would take a long time for me to cultivate the flair); or the oldies or the alternative.

Either it’s at daytime (“Goooood Morning, Vietnam!”), or afternoon, or graveyard. In fact, graveyard shift is that which stuck on my mind for a long time, especially when I refused to sleep to get schoolwork done. I got used to being an owl since high school, that graveyard shift might be fit for me.

Don’t many start there? Don’t few occupy it? Why don’t I?

6. Speaking of graveyard, an anchor in the graveyard shift.

This reminds me of both NBC News Overnight in US and ITN Morning News in UK in the 80's.

The earlier’s concept has gained my high regards and great admiration. It’s a newscast that is radical and distinct in the 80s among other newscasts. It is one that is more conversational and more story-centered. It is deemed as the “most intelligent news program ever” by the awards jury of the duPont Columbia Awards at that time. More about this on my past blog post.

The later, meanwhile, is a result of the extended operations of ITV into the wee hours.

It’s like being an anchor on ANC from around 12-3am. 9TV can do with that as well, being a 24 hour news service.

7. Graphics designer/artist

These are what they call 'holding slides', ever present in British TV presentation. Image credits: tv-ark.org.uk

Television presentation involves graphics and visuals ever since. That’s what I have observed when I got to look into television history of UK, and even here in the Philippines. If you will look closely at the visual art made for programs and schedules (click the collages, if you may), you might possibly see how they were intricately made.

Local slides/cards around 70's-80's. Image credits: videos from some flagwavercharacter's YT videos and jadxx0223.deviantart.com

News graphics before computers did the job. Taken from YT videos from flagwavercharacter and sandiessss

Even in news programs, before computers took the role, artists creatively produced images and illustrations that would go along the news items. They are simple, but such simplicity is just fit for the news. Too much graphics, for me, usually looks like too much light.

If there were still anything like these that would necessitate a graphic artist, I would appreciate to learn about making them. And I like to revive nostalgia, even by means of new technology.

(To be concluded)

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