How Were These Past Days?

It’s been a long time since I returned here in this blog. While I was in the campus, I didn't have the time to write here, even to keep a journal. Many things have happened in these last months that comprised the second semester of my first year in college. Finally, I'm done with first year. I miss a bit doing the things that kept me moving previously, though. I've missed writing here, and I believe there's much to tell about out of all I've been through while the Dispatch was left dormant.

This time I start with this question: how were these past days and months?

The answer: not easy, but great. 

Not easy. It's not supposed to be, anyway. The first semester of first year was uneasy as well at several, unforgettable points. Yet, the second half of the game was more burdensome. My classmates and I saw the bulk of schoolwork we have had to overcome—from readings, projects, presentations, even an event and a research!

An ordeal it was—an ordeal that consisted of sleepless nights. Add to that the distance I took each day to carry myself to school, as well as to carry schoolwork back at home. The bus tickets tell that: from KM 40 to KM 5. In terms of time, 1 1/2 to 2 hours from school to home. But I got used to it, even enjoy it whenever the commute is easy as a breeze. Some of the work I did on the road, while I'm on the bus or the train (reading or writing, for example); but I carried most of the work at home. Many of them were completed in long-term, especially my research project; but most of them I completed short-term at the desk that is originally a drawing table. 

There the schoolwork continues, facing either my textbooks or readings or the laptop; usually with YouTube playlists or WRock Cebu on the background. Sometimes it would be Retro 105.9 right from the stereo, and at other times it's as plain silent as a library, let alone the humming of the electric fan. In these conditions I continue whatever was started in the campus: beating deadlines, preparing for upcoming lessons, and above all surviving each day until I reach the wee hours of the morning. Then, I would retire to sleep between midnight and 3am, the latter being the latest; or else I didn't sleep (which occurred two consecutive times. I had no other choice). 

So it was not easy, but it has been great. Despite of the burdens and the difficulties academics bring, light moments and funny ones came along. Siguro hindi halata sa akin ang palatawa, but I've learned by experience and even through a lesson in Literature that laughter or comedy is something that—in my own words—smooths the rough road marked with problems to solve and obstacles to pass. It is these moments of laughter, and add to that good conversations, that make the day-to-day study fine. It's the side dish along with the main course.

In fact, it's a triumph whenever I got to talk to someone or start a conversation, especially when I really wanted to get off being busy and just try to talk to someone (you see, even for a Communications student like me, it's not a walk in the park to engage in a talk! But, it depends).

Once in a while we need times like those—to take a break, have a laugh, and talk to anyone.

Thankfully, the days that passed have led me to the finish line. I'm thankful (and I should be) that it was worth the efforts and the sacrifices, and that I've survived fruitful after the tiring and—at one point—sickening battle. I've been surprised I've thrived that way, which makes me appreciate how my capability have somehow elevated.

Inevitably the academic journey is never easy, but if one just goes on through the process, along with faith in God and determination of one's self, that student shall overcome. 

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