Get Out

The race is near it's end
So close yet so far away
The walk is still so long
How long do I have to stay?

I shall face the game, though
I've done the wreckage. There's no
other option. I have
no choice. I cannot go back.

If I could go back in time
Faster than speed of light
I wish I've grasped this little time
Then I could have made things right

Yet as long as this walk
Hands of time ran—in my fall
My curling's final end
At the far point I have fell

I want to get out of this
Face myself through needle's eye
My target might be missed
But let me get them done

Imprisoned to own fault
Struggling standing up and run
High ranks, seeking no more
Last salvo under the sun

Break me out to exit
Probabilities are here
Possibilities, it
is out of my hearing ear

Take me out, let survive
Yet I know I shall face this
For a lesson in my life
To wake up my sleeping me

To get me out of my pride
To get me out of myself
Bring me back to the Guide
Not just out of what seems hell

I want to get out, get done
The sand at glass drips away
Keep me strong; this hard
phase help me go through, I pray

I look at You, while I
face the odds and beat them down
Drive me to finish line
Let me outlast, and get me out


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