'Til Then (to Christmas season)

'Til then, Christmas, I will miss your joy
I'm glad for the Season, I had some rest
'Til then, Christmas, I wait like a boy
Back to normal, work hard, be put to test

'Til then, Christmas, thanks for the joy of giving
I've learned the value of the period, the Reason for the Season
The togetherness of family, the union and sharing
This time of the year is done, and time goes on

'Til then, Christmas, I'll miss the TV shows
The books and stories, good channels and programs
Insights, encounters, and reflections that glow
The great break that I had

'Til then, Christmas, your spirit may enliven
Even if it's not your time, may your soul sparkle
Kindness, generosity, goodness you have lent
'Til then, let your stars twinkle

'Til then, Christmas, the lights have to go out
The music of your days go back to shelf
Your comfort and gentleness have stood out
Christmas that's meaningful, that I felt

'Til then, Christmas, I move on with life
Through light and darkness, in the Reason I stand
He that was born, crucified, and brought back to life
Thanks for the memorial, telling me He loves all, and my life is in His hands


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