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After my graduation, at around 11 pm, before going to sleep, I turned the radio on and tuned in to 105.9, which in the previous days aired teasers about a new format on the station: "Prepare to go Retro". I expected to still hear jazzy tunes from the soon-to-go-out Radio High, when I found out that the music finally changed to classic sounds of the past, ranging from around 70s to 80s. Then, as I wrote on a notebook, I heard a jingle, which sounded like the ones from RJ 100 and 99.5 RT (before it became Play FM), something created by Jam Creative (famous makers of radio jingles). The station has gone retro.

I was sure earthings! blog will keep track on this, and so the next day I confirmed to myself that 105.9 is now Retro 105.9 DCG-FM, and as of this writing (last Friday), I still don't know what DCG means. I thought, Why not WLA-FM? That sounds better...Nonetheless, 105.9 and FM radio as a whole now sounds better, despite of the popularity of Hot AC/"masa" stations.

For sure, there will be competition with RJ 100 (which I believe is an 'eternal' station), and also with Magic 89.9's "Friday Madness" (which I like first when it comes to old school—in particular, 80's—music).

So far, the mixed music from different decades, together with the roster of DJs, including Rudolph Rivera (from RJ 100), Jimmy Jam (I now remember his voice on defunct Campus Radio), and The Triggerman (also from Campus, who hosted "The Top 20 @ 12! The Top 20 @ 12!"), creates a new good sound for Metro (and Mega) Manila—especially baby boomers and seekers of different kinds of music, and also moms and dads—to put their ears on.

Retro 105.9 (which is enough for a name, in my opinion, but good with "WLA" or "LA") reminds me, as a radio enthusiast and partly a radio historian, of the radio stations in USA playing 'oldies but goodies' or adult contemporary music: the still-on-air WCBS 101.1, and the defunct stations WABC Musicradio 77 and 66 WNBC, from how the DJs speak to the jingles themselves. I wonder how and where do they create the jingles. Are the same people sing the jingles from time to time? I want to see the process here in the Philippines.

However, I hope to hear more variety in the jingles and plugs (as of this Saturday, I heard some variety). I almost hear the same jingles (but, isn't that the purpose of jingles?). Here's are examples of that variety, where they can be applied on news and weather:

I also wish to see a good official logo, where it almost looks like/inspired by the logos of the mentioned foreign stations ('di naman sa colonial mentality). Actually, I was at a peak of creativity to draw my suggested logos. I hope they'll consider them:

Retro 105.9 is simply a good-sounding station. I hope for its success in the days and years to come. I consider it as one of my choices once I turn the radio on, aside from Jam, The Master's Touch, and Crossover.

And may they let us know what DCG means.

I even have a guess: Decades of Contemporary Greatest hits, which doesn't go well. There's, however, a scoop before I typed this piece: D' Classic Golden Fabulous Music.

Is that the meaning of it?

How about you? What do you think of this new station? Have your say on the comments part once you've clicked the title of this piece(in case you're at the homepage), or on @adrianconoza, or on Google+(Adrian Conoza), or at

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