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    As another school year comes to an end, I just figured out one particular thing. For many months, I came to another realization. It might not be always, but my behavior changes every time I go to school. My attitude towards people might be good...or worse.

    Since my adolescence at high school, I'm turning to be a new person. Not really new, but reformatted. Nonetheless, I'll be honest with you. As a freshman, and in my own opinion, I was turned to be a mess. Yes. They say I'm the kind of person who is spiritual or religious, who gives pieces of advice. However, that attitude I had toward my fellow students wasn't that nice. They say I'm quiet and serious, yet my behavior wasn't that kindly. I behaved as if I was, as a lesson I read in ODJ was titled, de-baptized.

    Nevertheless, it was just temporary.Maybe, it was just because I'm new to being an adolescent, to being a growing person. I've learned the lessons and I went back on the right track.

    I went back to the true Adrian.

    And perhaps I enjoyed second year because I treated people well, and I also became a friend, a companion to my fellow sophomores. Though I'm quiet and serious at times, I found time to be wacky and quirky(That was an advantage to me).

    However, I also turned bad at those times. As I say it, I had been too much.

    One thing is that I abused joking around with others. One day, I imitated my classmate's laugh. That person's laugh made me laugh a bit. Though, I had imitated her too much that she remained quiet at me, that she didn't talk to me. I turned blue, with a bit of red; but I have to understand her. She really doesn't want to be bantered too much. And I'm sorry for that. No problem, the problem has been settled.

    Not only in that way my behavior and attitude becomes bad. I also had offended others. I made insults without thinking. I did wrong things without thinking. I behaved in some immoral way. But I tell you this: not always.

    Again, I have learned lessons. I'll put them to action, of course.

    I look forward for the upcoming school year, that I'll try keeping my behavior righteous, virtuous, and exemplary. I'll continue to treat people as I want them to treat me. May in deeds and words, I'm right and worthy to be called a Christian. I have to discipline myself.

    There's a lesson here: Think first before saying or doing anything--especially when it might affect the person in some negative way.


Here's some music you won't find on YouTube,yet it is,once again,cool music for me.
From Visible Targets.

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