SO FAR so good. I'm now about to share my first full post just like an article in a magazine or just like that.

I welcome you once again to my blog...Here, I'll share things that interests me, things that will make this blog a unique teenage dispatch.

Let's begin.

As a student in a science high school, it's a routine for me to get busy, to get things done. That means laziness should be fought and relaxation set aside. It's like working in an office, sometimes like working as a DJ overnight. And here I am, seeing the results.

Thursday morning began with Drafting classes, and our class passed what we call as "improvised folders". We have done them in the first quarter, and we tried to make it better this second quarter.

Many checks were done by the teacher, and I'm nearing the table. After few minutes, I passed my folder. It has a landscape format and a collage concept. The folder was checked then, and the teacher gave me comments. One comment was that the activity papers that I put on the folder was just packed on one side, but it would be better if it was put page by page, just like what my fellow classmates did. That and such gave me a grade of 84, from 86. You see, it's just like a typical stock exchange index decrease. It's still gave impact on my performance. Indeed, IMPROVEMENT is what I need.

To say to you, Drafting is one of the things that make my clock go around and my body very busy. But still, there are lots and stacks of works behind that are piled like paper works.

I should really work hard. At times, I should even set aside rest and enforce your mind and body to work....lots of work.

Nevertheless, I still have those times to chill. Facebook, 80's music, books, and newspapers.

But, I can't even have that time to be with my God in studying the Bible. It's really hard. But I really hope that even though big tasks are to be done, I could still manage my time and allot a time to read Our Daily Bread and The Bible.

That's what I lack-TIME MANAGEMENT

How ,o how?

And so it goes, a piece of what my school life is.

But to tell you, it's not only work, work, work.
Also, it's friends, skills, and dreams.

To finally conclude this post here's a word of my thought that is not really related to what I just wrote.Yet, it's related to my school life, of course.

    "As a teenager with a dream, there are some things that I really have to avoid....One is going down on the sink...Be the one to understand that."-Adrian Conoza via Facebook

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