Chaoses On My Day(Part 2 of the series)

Author's Note: Some words that you'll read here are only substitutes to what they are actually called. I don't blame anyone on this post. I did what I could do to avoid offenses on anyone. Whoever might be offended by this post, I apologize as early as now. And I hope all of  you will understand my post. Thanks.  

  ONCE AGAIN, I took the struggling exams this second quarter. I reviewed, read, and thought of those things our class have discussed and learned so far. By the way, some of the exams were based on what we've discussed or on  what we've done . For short, no review needed.

  Wednesday. At about minutes past 6 A.M. I came to school. I did my daily routine of walking 40 steps-4 stairs-to our classroom.

   I got to prepare. I need reviews. I need an attentive and knowledge-filled me!

   My morning went well, except for one thing.

   Compressed to our review was the demands of paperwork. That paperwork that we've revised for many times was a requirement.One of my classmates said she'll do it all the way. However, it wasn't finished at all. Worse, the other needed evidences of our paperwork that  were needed were not brought. But I'm sure that the survey forms to which I'm entrusted to tally were given already to one of my groupmates(But I'm not blaming anyone!..Again...I do not blame anyone). Result: no examination for that..Chaos!

   Once I knew it. I quietly had annoyance, thinking that we had, at least a complete paperwork. Yet, just because the other requirements were not compiled yet with that folder, it wasn't accepted! How I raised my emotional temperature so fast for another tough time!

   All of us in the class talked about it. Some spread out their sentiments. Some rushed to and fro. Until one moment, it was said that all of us would just take the test next week. Sigh of relief!

   But it happened as we struggled on letters, numbers, and now, expressions.

   Easy it may be to review, taking it is hard. At first, I answered the items well. Until at some instances, I began to question, doubt, and even worry. My mind started to find ways to get the right answers. It discovered some ways..and then it gave up on one item. For the record, I'm the last one to pass the paper! Then, I doubt. I doubt whether I'll pass it. I do really hope!

   Recess came, while another test was prepared. But, I wasn't prepared for the unexpected. We took a test about a sport that's not popular in the Philippines, although it's played by some-baseball/softball. So what's the unexpected? You'll often hear it on a jackpot round of a game show of channel 2 before, when the player can't answer according to the category and letter given..That was MENTAL BLOCK. I did miss those items. I left them blank, leaving a space-for tenants to occupy; leaving me with a feeling of loss.

   After those 2 exams that I pondered and worried, I had, at least, a good look on a test. I finally took Values. I answered questions, and worked on my best to give good answers on a writer's way.

   Chaos would just come right away. Such things go on our way unexpectedly. And they'll bring an annoyance,and a frown on my face..But chaos could also be avoided, as long as you do your best, and you them on time. I'm not saying that I have no effort or time management(even though sometimes I fail to), What I'm saying is that at hard times, you fail and you stumble, and chaos would just come ahead after that..It's hard.
 (To be continued)

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